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Monday, October 31, 2011

NFC West Or The NFL's Worst?

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Though it true the NFC Worst, uh West no longer has
a winless team in its ranks, this far excuses it
from stinking up the joint. Remove a rejuvinated
49er team ,and the combined winning percentage of
the remaining three is .190. If you combined the
number of wins of Seattle, Arizona, and St. Louis
they would still have TWO less wins than the six
San Francisco currently holds. I picked the Rams
to win this division, so I didn't see this coming,
so it's a good thing they got a fresh, shiny, brand
new Championship in that city to take their minds
off the misery that was supposed to be the Rams
breakout year. For all the talk that is/was Kevin
Kolb, and mind you I never believed it, what is
this 1-6 record they are sporting? Seattle I
thought brought the NFL and pro football to a new
low last season when they won the division with
a sub .500 record at 7-9, but there is no shot
that there will be a repeat of that this year.
I just don't get how parity is the constant theme
in the NFL and these three can't seem to be at
least mediocre. I thing I can tell you for sure
though: there could be at least one more victory
in that division this week, the Rams face the
Cardinals. They could of course always end in a
tie, so no guarantees.

Thank You Al Davis !

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