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Friday, September 30, 2011

Red Sox Collapse Conitnues, Terry Francona Out

I assure you that this isn't a knee jerk reaction
nor is it fueled by emotion. I am not a Red Sox
fan, and never have been. As a matter of fact
when the Red Sox hired Terry Francona, I was one
to criticize the hire and thought he would fail.

The move to now bring back Francona after this
recent collapse by the Red Sox is not only short
sighted, but completely irresponsible. Francona
has been at the helm for more Red Sox World Series
title than anyone in team history the last 90+
years. Exaggeration?, yes, but fact too.
This ownership group may have just created a new
curse, one that oozes of fat cat success that asks
"what have you done for me lately?" I guess that
since that Patriots have the longest championship
drought in Boston right now, and the choked away
an undefeated season by losing in the Super Bowl
Bill Belichick should hope that Robert Kraft isn't
good friends with John Henry, and more so doesn't
share his views on when to drop the axe on the
Head Coach or Manager of your team.

Jose Reyes, John Lackey, And The Goods

So people are crying over how Jose Reyes cheaped
out on winning the NL Batting title and how Ted
Williams wouldn't have done that. Well let's
look at this shall we. Jose Reyes is no Ted
Williams, Uh Duh, No Friggin Kidding, I'm not
sure I would want would him to have his head
frozen for eternity once he passes away either.
Now I know that those two tiny points won't
satisfy the masses, but they weren't meant too,
they were just meant to state two facts, however
let me elaborate on another thing that may or may
not compare to sitting out when you have the
"goods" well in hand. How often to do you see
an NFL team nurse a lead by simply sitting on the
ball and run out the clock. They won't throw,
they won't look for big plays, nothing. Don't
think it's the same?, you're right it's not,
but they are sitting on the win, and that is.
How about the Yankees not throwing Mariano Rivera
in the last game of the season against the Rays
when Mr Automatic could have sealed the deal, but
they chose not to. They sat on it, they had
nothing to gain, neither did Jose, NOTHING.
Don't think it's the same?, you're right, but
nothing is, and he's not Ted Williams either.
I could go back an research how many other guys
have done this, and I assure you I would find
a treasure trove, but it's just NOT worth it.
Believe what you want to believe, most of you
do regardless of what I write, and would continue
to even if in your own minds where convinced
beyond a shadow of a doubt that I might have a
point. The truth is that I don't agree with him
sitting it out, but I hate that teams run out the
clock at the end of games too, even in the biggest
of games, and the Super Bowl.

As for John Lackey, I don't give a rats ass about
his text messages, his possible divorce, or
whether he is media savvy or not. Truth is he
is robbing the Red Sox blind with his 26-23
record so far into his contract and his above 6
ERA, so why not let his wife rob him in the same
way? You think he might actually find a way to
pitch well in a big spot before they ship his
arse out of town?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chipper Jones And Atlanta Braves Out

Break it down anyway you like, but when you have
a 10 1/2 in August and blow it with a miserable
September, even after you get the chance to play
the final three games of the season against a
team who has everything wrapped up and nothing
to play for, and you still don't the job done,
you deserve to miss the post season. You were
not good enough to begin with. Chipper Jones
was robbed on a great play by Michael Martinez
that would have put the Braves in front, but
again, if you have to rely on one play when you
blew such a gigantic lead, you don't deserve
the honor of going to the post season.

The same goes for the Red Sox, but after winning
2 titles in the last 9 years, THIS debacle is a
little easier to swallow, especially when you
consider that they got that first one in super
comeback fashion. This is a major choke job,
but there is no crying here Red Sox fans, enjoy
the Football season, and your Champion Bruins,
because you probably won't see a Celtics game
this year. Funny thing is, that this was like
double whammy for anyone who was a fan of the
Boston Braves, like a two birds with one stone
kind of irony.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ranting With Rizzo Replay 9-27-11

With how the Red Sox are folding, the discussion
was about whether it was OK are two trophies
in less than ten years. We also took a sneak
peak at the Pats and Bills, Raiders and Jets,
and listener email. Have a listen, and contact
the show at Rizzo@WDISAM.Com

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cowboys Ball DeAngelo Hall

After seeing DeAngelo Hall allow his man to
get open with the Cowboys facing a 3rd and
21, two things are worth mentioning, and the
first one is forget the rest of his play in
this game, even though it wasn't any good,
and secondly, that it is quite apparent why
the Falcons didn't fight very hard to keep
him and the Raiders were glad to bite the
bullet on the $8 million they had already
paid him after just eight games, not to
mention the draft choices they gave up to
get him, so long as he got the heck out of
Oakland. I'm sure Rob Ryan, his defensive
coordinator with the Raiders whispered in
Tony Romo's ear, as if he needed to, and let
Romo know how easy it was to expose the
second rate first stringer. Hall's departure
from Oakland was highlighted by the fact that
when opposite Nnamdi Asomougha, teams through
in his direction, and his direction only,
quickly stealing the nick name of former
Giant cornerback Elvis Patterson of "Toast"
he was burned for huge games so often.
DeAngelo single handedly made a star out of
Broncos rookie wide receiver Eddie Royal when
he allowed Royal to run amock at receiver in
his NFL debut. And oh yeah, by the way, when
got replaced by Chris Johnson a relative
nobody in football circles, the defensive
secondary immediately improved. Leave it to
Dan Snyder to pick that junk up from the trash.
Good thing he got the chance to defend his honor
by later ripping the coaches and the referees
after the Redskins fell to the Cowboys.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

NFL Stone Cold Locks 2011 Week 3

Last weeks "Locks" turned out to be just that,
"LOCKS", and yet I still feel the need for
perfection once again even after going a perfect
3-0 and raising my record to a mediocre 5-1.
It's time to start making this more of a habit
than it has been and this week I feel real good.
Ladies and Gentleman, here are your winners:

1. Pittsburgh (Indy is addicted to Manning)
2. San Diego (Todd Haley may not make it out of 2011)
3. Carolina (Can't believe I just wrote that)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dodger or Navy Blue

(Howard Simmons/News)

With the mess the LA Dodgers have been a part
of this year, it's fair to say that no one
really expected anything from them once the
shit hit the fan, but they stilled managed
to succeed at a time when most except their
manager counted them out. Don't let me give
you the wrong idea, they're bot going to the
playoffs or anything like that, but they wont
be embarrassed either, at least not on the
field. As of this writing they are at least
at or above .500 for the season, they have
what many would consider the leader for the
NL CY Young, in Clayton Kershaw who happens
to lead the NL in wins, strikeouts, and ERA,
and they have a potential Triple Crown candidate
in Matt Kemp. They have even managed to secure
a winning record and their seemingly empty
home, Dodger Stadium.

All of this credit I give to one man, a man
who went from Navy Blue to Dodger Blue and from
Donnie Baseball to Dodger Baseball, and may have
just earned some well deserved consideration for
NL Manager of the Year. Don Mattingly may have
Joe Torre to thank for forcing the Dodgers hand
in hiring him, but the Dodgers may have to thank
Torre as well.

Friday, September 23, 2011

MANNY, Manny, manny???

The letters in the title you see that went
all caps to all lower case letters are the
same as the sounds you will hear next year
coming from peoples mouths, as they start
talking about Manny helping some team out
once his 100 game ban is over down the
stretch to no one giving a damn once they
realize he has nothing left in the PED tank.
Thing is, I think he needs to be signed in
order for the ban to begin, so it may be a
mute point, but, we'll see. Someone's bound
to bring it up, now that he's applied for
reinstatement and given his leach of an agent
Scott Boras the go ahead to suck a few more
dollars out of some other sucker of a team,
and there's always a slow news day in February
after football.

Good NFL Viewing

Whether you love Bill Belichick or hate him,
one thing should be certain, don't let that
stand in the way when it comes to this new
series by the NFL network. "A Football Life"
is new on the Network and they started by
following around Belichick, wired for one full
year, and they followed him everywhere.
It's a two part series that has already aired,
but what's great about cable TV networks like
the NFL network is that they only have so many
shows to offer and they repeat a lot of their
stuff, and this is sure to be shown again.
If you haven't already seen it, see it, you'll
be glad you did, and it will help you understand
quite a bit more about him, and the behind the
scenes stuff that takes place during the week
when games aren't played.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's With This MVP ?

Mathew Bush chosen first overall, and Phillip
Umber chosen third, and then you have to go all
the way down to number twelve before you see a
name that makes any impact to the typical
baseball fan, Jered Weaver. The thirteenth
pick incidentally was made by a team that no
longer exists, the Expos, but who knows, they
might be had they chosen first or second and
were wise enough to draft the name missing from
this article thus far, Justin Verlander. Jered
Weaver just signed a multi year deal this year
that will make him an Anaheim Angel for a long
time to come, and based on his record this year
of 18-7 with a stellar 2.41 era along with a
career record of 82-46, he deserves it, and the
Angels are the benefactors. But let's get back
to Justin Verlander, who this year is really
making waves. The kind of waves that real only
happen once in a while, when people begin arguing
as to whether or not a pitcher, a non everyday
player, is deserving of MVP consideration.

I am of the school that pitchers should not be
considered for MVP, BUT, I do believe that there
are exceptions, and every once in a while, a
special case happens. This is one of those cases.
When Steve Carlton won 27 games in 1972, the
Phillies were miserable, and his wins amounted
to nearly 46% of the Phillies wins, and though
it's tough to be the MVP of the league when
your team stinks, it has been done, ask Andre
Dawson. Though his Cubs didn't stink up the
joint like Carlton's Phillies, they did finish
last, and he still won MVP. Back to my argument.
Verlander has nearly 27% of the Tigers victories
this season and his era of 2.29 is a real gem
in a hitters league like the AL that sports the
DH, and what is an MVP anyway? Is it not a
player that has the most value to a team?,
preferably a winning team? Yankee fans will
scream and shout high from the mountain tops all
the while juggling their 27 trophies and tell you
that Curtis Granderson wuz robbed, when in fact,
though he is more than worthy of consideration,
his supporting cast of, A-Rod, CC, Texeira, Jeter,
Rivera, and company are much more of a compliment
to his numbers than Verlander's team is to him.
With that I won't go over every other player that
is worthy of consideration in the AL this season,
nor will I anoint Verlander MVP. What I will say
however is that in this writers opinion, he is
worthy of consideration, if I voted he would most
probably receive my vote, and what the heck were
the Padres thinking?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Forget Andrew Luck, How About..............

Offensive Lineman Matt Kalil, Running Back Trent
Richardson, or maybe even a nice Wide Receiver
like Justin Blackmon. You see these are just a
few names I plucked off the board that may still
be available when the Colts make their pick in
the 2012 NFL Draft, and since it's become more
and more likely that Indy will be in no real
position to compete for anything if Manning comes
back at any point this year, why rush him back?
Heck, the Colts offered him $20Mil per year and
he insisted on 18Mil, so they are already ahead
of the game there. A year off could totally do
a guy like Peyton a ton of could and probably even
rejuvenate him. So why not give him a nice shiny
new stud offensive weapon to use to win you another
Championship. It's why he took less to begin with,
he wanted the Colts to stay competitive.

Let's face it, Manning has four more years left on
his deal after this, and unless things go radically
wrong with his health and he can't return, Peyton
will finish out this deal. So do you want Andrew
Luck to sit on the bench for FOUR years? I mean
One, Two, maybe, but Four? And don't give me the
Aaron Rodgers scenario either, that wasn't planned.
If he falls in your lap, trade the pick for a gold
mine. If he's off the board, get Payton a toy,
and watch him bring Indy another trophy, because
there have been plenty of can't miss players like
Luck that miss, and at least you know what you have
in Manning.

Monday, September 19, 2011

MNF TV Trio's Insight, A Live Fumble

Associated Press

John Gruden started by saying that whenever
Tom Coughlin challenges a play he's usually
right, Mike Tirico and Ron Jaworski, chimed
in as well, and it just so happened that on
this particular play being challenged and
responsible for this back and forth was
another victory for the New York Giants coach,
but it didn't end there. The exchange went on
to point out to viewers how a guy his age was
so good with this sort of technology, and how
most his age shun it. Really? The first thing
that popped into my head was, how much handling
of the video equipment does Coughlin actually
do in-game? I mean how much does he see before
he throws the challenge flag? None! is the answer
to both of those questions, and they know this,
so why make such ignorant statements in front of
some of the largest live audiences in the country?
Do you mean to tell me that not one of these
talking heads could step in and say: "Well, the
real credit goes to the coaches upstairs who
are actually viewing it first hand" ? Ripping
off a phrase from ESPN's Monday Night NFL
Countdown, "C'mon Man!"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

NFL Stone Cold Locks Week 2

Last weeks "Locks" turned out to be anything
but, and yet I still managed to post a 2-1
record. Let's chalk that up to getting a feel
for things opening week, and now it's time to
start making the locks look more like "LOCKS".
Here goes:

1. Pittsburgh (It's Seattle, so no problem)
2. New Orleans (Saints not gonna start 0-2)
3. Detroit (KC is less than a paper tiger)

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Season That Almost Was For Some In MLB

After giving their fans a little excitement both
the Mets and Pirates faded really badly late in
the 2011 season. The Mets wasted little time
in deciding whether or not they were going to be
buyers or sellers at the trade deadline this year,
but they did wait to make sure. They got off to
a 5-13 start and and at one point made all of that
up and more by going as far as 12 games over .500
to get to four games over .500 and even got some
fans excited enough to be passionate about whether
they should risk being sellers. The Pirates were
buyers for the first time in a long time by adding
some pieces that though not blockbuster were
significant enough to not make them look like the
same old selling Pirates, and a Major League farm
team for others. Unfortunately that's when things
began to crumble of them, and whether it was a
shakeup in chemistry or just a simple tumble back
to reality, Pittsburgh just couldn't avoid a 19th
consecutive losing season (A Pro Sports Record).

The Arizona Diamondbacks are trying to be this years
version of the SF Giants, and in the process are
knocking off those very same Giants, while Donnie
baseball might deserve manager of the year just for
keeping the Dodgers anywhere near .500 during a year
that was as chaotic as it was for the Dodgers soap
opera like organization.

This Cubs drought is probably the only thing that
you can say to Pirates fans to make them forget about
the last 19 years, and that's saying a lot.
The Texas Rangers can prove their for real by winning
a second straight AL West, and the Red Sox are on the
verge of making their fans temporarily forget about
their amazing comeback against the Yankees in the ALCS
when they were down 0-3 if they blow what was once an
8 game wildcard lead with 23 games to go, and is now
a three game lead with 13 to go.

The Indians gave their fans something to look forward
too in 2012, the Twins look finished an uncharacteristic
last and the White Sox proved a lot a people wrong and,
wished they hadn't. What a year, can't wait til the
Playoffs and World Series.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pryor Suspension Should Stick

Whether you're a Raiders fan or not, the decision
as to whether Terrelle Pryor's 5 game ban to start
his NFL career should stick or be lifted, should
not affect your judgement. As a Raiders fan myself
it would be easy for me to say that I want him to
win his appeal, but I don't. Pryor agreed to
the ban as part of the condition for him to be
allowed to enter the NFL's supplemental draft last
month, and that alone should be enough.
For starters, learn to keep your word, but that
sounds like a lot for someone who's reason to be
in the NFL early is to get away from the very same
5 game ban, and though I understand the argument
that neither the NFL nor Roger Goodell should police
transgressions committed with his college football
team, the NFL should not serve as a safe haven for
players trying to flee punishment from crimes
committed while at school either. Terrelle Pryor
is under contract with the Raiders for the next
four years, and since he shows no signs of being as
big a flop as Jamarcus Russell these five games will
do well in helping him build some character, so his
advisers might have been better served in getting
his career off on the right path and letting this
go. Mr Goodell, help this young man by showing
him what good character is, he didn't pay too close
attention in college.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ranting With Rizzo Replay 9-14-11

The Red Sox look like their Wild Card
lead is in trouble, but as of this
airing all seemed well, and NFL talk
was the main theme as was Rex "the mouth"
Ryan. Tune in, check it out !

Ignorance Runs Rampant Among Fan(atic)s

I'm not a fan of Kyle Orton, never have been,
but I don't really dislike him either. I will
say this in his defense though: He deserves
much better than what the "fans" in Denver have
in store for him this season, with the tired
and ignorant chants that have already begun
calling for his benching and Tim Tebow to take
his place. I have no dislike for Tebow either,
but it's fairly clear that Orton is a much more
accomplished QB, and should remain the starter.
Anyway you don't usually replace your starter
with your number three guy, do you?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Rob Ryan Let Go?

I found it both comical and incredibly
amazing timing that this story would make
headlines today but it did. A day after
the Cowboys blew both a lead and game to
the NY Jets on such a grand stage, but alas
it was indeed a different Ryan.
Heck, they made me look!

Week 1 Or Week 5 For The NFL

Many are saying the results of NFL week one were
more like pre-season results, I disagree. This
wasn't a case of it being week five in the
pre-season but more like business as usual for
the NFL, and what makes the league so exciting.
Expect the unexpected, that's why we can't turn
our attention away, we're afraid to miss anything.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Don't ever be foolish enough to forget our
lost brothers and sisters from that day
and since in this battle for freedom, EVER.

NFL Stone Cold Locks 2011 Week 1

ANDY LYONS/Getty Images

Just so we are clear, I'm picking easy ones,
that's why they are supposed to be "STONE
COLD LOCKS" and yet inevitably some lose,
which just goes to show, there are no easy
ones, and today that may be truer than ever.

1. Tennessee Titans(I'm Desperate)
2. New England Patriots(Might Be The Only LOCK)
3. Houston Texans(I'm Really Desperate)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

AFC West: A Return To Glory Days Football?

Courtesy: Pigskin Doctors

I saved the one closest to my heart for last, but
only because I couldn't decide. The questions
here are going to be: Can the Chargers survive
another bad start or more bad special teams
play, and how much will they miss Darren Sproles?
Better yet, how much will the loss of Nnamdi
Asomougha affect the Raider D? Are the Chiefs
for real? How long before John Fox puts his
stamp on the Broncos? Here's how I see it:

1. San Diego Chargers (Rivers, Gates, Jackson)
2. Oakland Raiders (But only because Nnamdi's gone)
3. Kansas City Chiefs (Still lots to prove)
4. Denver Broncos (What do they have?)

This week, my playoff seeds will be posted as
well, so stay tuned.

Friday, September 9, 2011

AFC East: Will There Be Any Surprises?

The next to last of these divisions picks
takes me to the division that could very
well produce the AFC representative to
the Super Bowl. It isn't hard to see
why, but the who is a little more tricky.
Here's how I see it:

1. Patriots (Nice Additions, Solid Foundation)
2. Jets (Can Still Play D, But Will Need A New OC)
3. Bills (Improved Yes, How Much? Not Enough)
4. Dolphins (Sparano Can't Win Here Anymore)

NFC: The New Monster Of The "Midway" Division

Courtesy: Yardbarker

Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but when
you have Dallas (Americas Team), the New York
Giants (New York, New York, so nice they named
it twice), the Philadelphia Eagles (The NEW
Miami Heat?), and The Washington Redskins
(Well it is the Nations Capitol, anyway), then
you have lots on swag going on, and as far as
divisions go, it is a bit of a Monster, and one
that will be followed very closely throughout
the year, especially if the Cowboys can steal
one against the Jets on Sunday night football
on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and momentarily
silence Rex Ryan (Who am I kidding!). This is
how I think it will look at seasons end.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (Too Much REAL Talent)
2. Dallas Cowboys (For Real, & Will Make Some Noise)
3. NY Giants (Injuries Hurt/End Season Before It Begins)
4. Washington Redskins (Shanahan A One Trick Pony, No
Elway, No Tricks. O V E R R A T E D)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

AFC South: Setup Just Right For Schaub

With Manning OUT, and Garrard gone, it's
fair to say that it would take a bit of an
upset for the Titans to win this division
this year. So this is how I believe it's
will look in the end:

1. Houston Texans (Pretty Much By Default)
2. Tennessee Titans (Too Much Chris Johnson)
3. Indianapolis Colts (Still Got Talent)
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (What's Next For Del Rio?)

AFC North: Same Old, Same Old?

It's time to look at an AFC division and the
North is up first. Both top heavy and bottom
heavy this may be more true here than in any
other division in the NFL. So that being
said, this is how is see it shaping up.

1. Pit. Steelers (Little Change, Lots Of Stability)
2. Baltimore Ravens (Not Sold On Flacco As Big Time QB)
3. Cleveland Browns (A Step Towards Getting Back On Top)
4. Cincinnati Bengals (Too Much Wrong)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NFC North: Somethings Gotta Give

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

This division had to come soon after the NFC
South because they play in the opening game,
so the other remaining divisions give me more
time to mull over what I think will happen.
The NFC North is going to be no picnic to
pick either, but I feel that this is how
it will look in the end:

1. Green Bay Packers (No Hangover Here)
2. Detroit Lions (IF Stafford Stays Healthy)
3. Minnesota Vikings (McNabb Has A Little Left)
4. Chicago Bears (Not Enough Stability In ChiTown)

NFC South: Where Will The Line Be Drawn?

In posting my 2011 division standings
predictions, my second set of selections
has taken me to the NFC South, and yes
I will continue to pick em from first
to last. This way I will have more to
be held accountable for, just how I like
it. Today it's NFC South's turn:

1. New Orleans Saints (Drew Brees, nuff said!)
2. Atlanta Falcons (Title hopes still on ICE!)
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Next year is their year)
4. Carolina Panthers (Cam the Sham & the Panthers)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NFC West: How It Will Look In The End

I'll be posting my 2011 division standings
predictions one at a time in no particular
order, and yes I will pick em from first
to last. Today I'll start off with the
NFC West:

1. St. Louis Rams (Yes, they have arrived)
2. Arizona Cardinals (They edge out SF for 2nd)
3. SF 49er's (Harbaugh year one, needs a QB)
4. Seattle Seahawks (7-9, ha!, not this time)

Ranting With Rizzo Replay 9-6-11

Ranting with Rizzo was right back on track
last week, so if you missed it, you missed
another solid show, but here it is for your
listening pleasure. Enjoy !

But Only If You're Serious

I usually don't don't feel sorry for athletes
who are arrogant and screw themselves over,
but in this case I will say this. Tiki Barber
and his agent said this past weekend that they
were "Devasted" over the fact they did not get
one single offer from an NFL team, and Tiki has
said in the not so distant past, that he needs
football, and knows that football doesn't need
him. Well I say this to Tiki and his agent, if
you really need football, then take what you can
get. No really, take it, because if you're worth
anything on the field, they, the NFL will notice.
Jim Fassel (Tiki's former Head Coach with the NY
Giants) was one of the 1st to say that he would
welcome Tiki on his team. Fassel is now the Head
Coach and has been for the 2 Champion Las Vegas
Locomotives of the UFL since their inaugural season
in 2009. You need football Tiki? You didn't get an
offer from an NFL team Tiki? Then be serious and
take Fassel up on his offer. Though it's true that
the UFL is struggling financially, they are still
alive and still plan to play in the 2011 season,
plus this isn't about money, right? Consider it
an audition, consider it the tryout you never really
got. You need the game? Let's see how serious you
really are.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Away for the Labor Day Weekend, I hope you got
to enjoy yours wherever you are. New Posts,
Opinions, & Stories coming Real Soon, so
Stay Tuned !

Friday, September 2, 2011

Apocolypse Follow Up

Nathan Denette/Associated Press

This latest story is worth following up,
because since it was posted more signs have
appeared. Last night Alaska was struck by
a pretty powerful earthquake (7.1), which
was followed by a Tsunami warning.
New Orleans is preparing once again for
some pretty serious flooding, and to make
matters even scarier, Burnett actually
got the win in last nights game prompting
club officials to once again consider him
for a playoff start. Unreal !

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Could An Apocolypse Be Upon Us?

Such signs as earthquakes, aftershocks, and
historical hurricanes are one thing, but
tonight in Boston something really odd took
place that hasn't happened with much frequency
in recent times. AJ Burnett kept the NY
Yankees in a game, and not only did he keep
them in it, but he didn't need a 17-1 lead
to accomplish it. Burnett threw five and a
third innings where he only gave up 2 walks,
1 home run, and two runs, earned or otherwise.
That's a 3.37 in game era for those of you
keeping score at home. Not a believer?
He could still get the win! OMG we're doomed!

CJ2k Deal, Money Well Spent, Er Yeah

Maybe, for their future if he doesn't blow
a knee or something, but I guess anyone
is susceptible to that. This year however
they just went from a 4 win team to a 7
win team, now maybe they can draft a
QB from Texas or somethin'. I guess what
I'm saying here is that I hate locking up
so much money in just ONE player.

Just Sayin'

C'mon Yahoo Sports! The Diamondbacks have
a Six game lead in the NL West and have a
magic number of 20 posted, but the Tigers
in the AL Central have a 5 1/2 lead and
have NO magic number posted??? Was the
math to hard for the guys in sports?

Is it me or did anyone else notice that
Jered Weaver took a boat load less money
and didn't wait to become a free agent
before signing his latest contract?
Incidentally his agent in Scott Boras,
and he didn't take Boras' advice.
Sound familiar? A-Rod 2007 maybe?
BUT my favorite thing about this deal
was Weaver's quote: "If $85 (million)
is not enough to take care of my family
and other generations of families then
I'm pretty stupid, but how much money
do you really need in life?"
If someone has Latrell Sprewell's
address, please forward.

In very sad news, former NHLer Wade
Belak was found dead in Toronto this
past Wednesday, even sadder is the
fact that he is the third former/current
NHL player to be found dead since the
season ended. People die everyday, but
trends like this are kind of noticeable.

College Football starts tonight! Yes, it
truly is September.