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Friday, September 23, 2011

MANNY, Manny, manny???

The letters in the title you see that went
all caps to all lower case letters are the
same as the sounds you will hear next year
coming from peoples mouths, as they start
talking about Manny helping some team out
once his 100 game ban is over down the
stretch to no one giving a damn once they
realize he has nothing left in the PED tank.
Thing is, I think he needs to be signed in
order for the ban to begin, so it may be a
mute point, but, we'll see. Someone's bound
to bring it up, now that he's applied for
reinstatement and given his leach of an agent
Scott Boras the go ahead to suck a few more
dollars out of some other sucker of a team,
and there's always a slow news day in February
after football.

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