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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just Sayin'

C'mon Yahoo Sports! The Diamondbacks have
a Six game lead in the NL West and have a
magic number of 20 posted, but the Tigers
in the AL Central have a 5 1/2 lead and
have NO magic number posted??? Was the
math to hard for the guys in sports?

Is it me or did anyone else notice that
Jered Weaver took a boat load less money
and didn't wait to become a free agent
before signing his latest contract?
Incidentally his agent in Scott Boras,
and he didn't take Boras' advice.
Sound familiar? A-Rod 2007 maybe?
BUT my favorite thing about this deal
was Weaver's quote: "If $85 (million)
is not enough to take care of my family
and other generations of families then
I'm pretty stupid, but how much money
do you really need in life?"
If someone has Latrell Sprewell's
address, please forward.

In very sad news, former NHLer Wade
Belak was found dead in Toronto this
past Wednesday, even sadder is the
fact that he is the third former/current
NHL player to be found dead since the
season ended. People die everyday, but
trends like this are kind of noticeable.

College Football starts tonight! Yes, it
truly is September.

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