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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stone Cold LOCKS!

The season totals stand at a very disappointing 13-5
and though that may satisfy some, it doesn't please
me because a lock is supposed to be a LOCK! JPA posted
previously that "nothing with Jay Cutler is a lock",
unless your betting against him that is, these days
anyway. Shame on me! Sorry about last weeks technical
difficulties. Let's up the win total shall we?

Tampa Bay



Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Ranting With Rizzo" Replay

Replay, Rewind it's all the same to me.
All you need to know is that it's here
if you missed any shows. Enjoy !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Due to issues with this site today, the
usual posting of "Stone Cold Locks" was
unable to be posted. We Apologize.
Look for it right here again next Sunday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Ranting With Rizzo" Rewind

Miss last weeks show? Fear not, hear it is,
plus a link to the John Elway story I didn't
have time to cover on the show. Enjoy

Quick hits

Roy Halladay may have thrown a no-hitter in
his first post season appearance but the fact
is his record stands at 1-1 with a human 2.25
era in two career post season starts. YES, I
will certainly take it any day of the week,
BUT not if I had to trade Cliff Lee to get it.
As of right now Cliff Lee is a super human 7-0
in the post season with a beauty of an era
that fell to 1.37 in 8 post season starts.
PS I said this prior to this post season,
and when the trade was made to begin with.

Mike Singletary is NOT Head Coach material,
neither are Norv Turner or Wade Phillips for
that matter. They do make good coordinators
though, well at least Phillips and Turner do.

Dallas will still make the Playoffs,
Minnesota may not though.
San Diego wont come back from this
early season flop, and if they do it's only
because they play in a very weak AFC West.

Green Bay---Atlanta---Chicago---Houston

Stay Tuned

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stone Cold Lock Time

Last week was another disappointment at 2-1, and
the season tally stands a t a very disappointing
11-4. This only goes to show that parity in the
NFL is alive and well. This week's candidates
are as follows:



NY Giants

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Ranting With Rizzo" Replay

Another week, another fabulous episode of
"Ranting with Rizzo", Hope you enjoy
listening as much as I enjoy doing it.
Sender your emails to

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mad Stork Stone Cold Locks Week 5

Got excited last week and went only 2-1,
season total stands at 9-3, hardly Stone
Cold Lock material. Let's fix that shall
we. You keeping score on yours at home?
Let me know. Enjoy !



New Orleans

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sports Trivia Contest Winners Announced

It was a fun contest to run and there were many
correct answers, so we went to the raffle drawing
when all else was exhausted, and we have our
winners. Thanks for participating ! I hope you
enjoyed it as much as I did.

Breaking News Via Jay Glazer ! Again !!!

Jay Glazer is on fire today, and realistically
when isn't he. Seems he's got the pulse on the
latest fireball, which is the return of Randy
Moss to Minnesota.
Seems like it very well
will happen. If the Vikes can PAY Randy.

Around The NFL

Just some random thoughts I wanted to share with
you about the early part of the season so far:

Did you get the feeling that the Bill Cowher to the
NY Giants rumors were going to get really loud if
the G men got blown out on Sunday night?

Do you think the KC Chiefs(2-0) are really that good?
Well then take this into account if you do (I don't
think many of you do): The NFL is a copycat league
as we all know, and once they study the film you'll
realize why the 6-0 Broncos of 2009 finished 8-8

Do you think the Oakland Raiders are still that bad?
Then take this into account if you do (I think that
many of you do): In 2009 the 5-11 Raiders averaged
12.3 points per game, this year the 1-3 Raiders are
averaging 19 points per game and could be (woulda,
coulda, shoulda
) 2-2 if not for a missed 31 yard
field goal to end the game at Arizona last week.
Not enough? Their only win comes against the 2-2
Rams who since that loss have won two in a row, and
their victims have been the Donovan McNabb lead,
Mike Shanahan coached Washington Redskins, and the
2-2 Seattle Seahawks. So maybe they're not THAT bad.

Do you get the feeling that head coaching just isn't
Mike Singletary's thing?

Most anticipated matchup in week 5 has to Jets-Vikes

Who's better the 2-1 Bucs or the 0-4 49'ers?

And finally, Do the Steelers get better now that
Big Ben returns or do they take a half step back
in the short term?

Breaking News Via Jay Glazer !

Jay Glazer looks to be the first to get the
scoop on the trade for Marshawn Lynch's trade
to Seattle.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stone Cold LOCKS!

Short and Sweet. 3-0 last week 7-2 for the
season and still not satisfied. Today I aim
for the 3rd of my 3-0 weeks in the first four
weeks so do feel free to play along at home.
Under adult supervision of course

New Orleans

Green Bay

Oakland---------Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ha !