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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Angels In Outerspace

Well, not exactly, but I thought that "Angels
in the outfiled" was a bit plated out. Anyway,
the last few years the only thing standing in the
way of the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles/
West Coast Angels has been the Boston Red Sox,
but the last two series have been decisive wins
by those heavenly, all world Angels. Let's throw
in that one the day traded for Mark Texeira, they
were two outs from no hitting those very same
Red Sox, and they also have the best record in
baseball with the 22nd worst slugging percentage
in the league. Hmmm, should make for an interesting
post season with any hitting at all huh?

By the way, what does it say for Scott Boras that his
clients are avoided like the plague during the trade
deadline?, i.e. Mark Texeira two years running.
What else does it say after the A-Rod fiasco, and
his Many being Manny client acting like a child
during a very important series against the Yankees?
Oh sorry, my bad, the Sox option on Manny is
only worth $20 million next year. What an insult
to Manny !

Take this into account if you're an Oakland A's
fan. They had the Big three Zito, Mulder, &
Hudson, and won nothing. He gets criticized
when he makes trades like he did to the Phillies
and Diamondbacks lately for throwing in the
towel, though he says he hasn't, but he must
know something. Zito is awful since leaving
the A's, A's got two picks for losing a top flight
free agent of his caliber. Mulder has been good
when pitching but has been injured more often
than not, and Hudson has also pitched well, but
he too is about to miss the next year and a half.
Most importantly. even thought he A's have still
not hit the promised land without them, they
have not hit the promised land with out the A's,
and don't look to anytime soon. That being said,
I don't expect any miracles out of any Blanton,
or Haren teams either, though I will admit
they presently have better chances.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Head Scratcher

Ever wonder if Willie Randolph would
have gotten fired as Mets manager if
Carlos Delgado hit .400 during any
month this season while he was still
here, like he is NOW, and if Jose Reyes
would have hustled, like he is NOW?

I'm all for cloning Rollie Fingers and
Sparky Lyle. If CC Sabathia can do it
(Three in a row), and Roy Halliday
can do it ( has more himself this season
than 75% of ML teams), then I'm sure
they are no anomalies. I mean they
were doing this thing called a complete
game in the days of black and white TV.
What happened we regressed? Get these
pansies off their pretty little overpaid
A$$$$es and push em a little harder, OR
make em closers ! What a joke !
Tom Seaver and Bob Gibson musta been
superheroes huh?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thinking Out Loud

When Greg Norman entered Sunday's
British open with the lead, it was the
eighth time in his career, and when
it was over he sill had only one victory
to show for it. This time however he
had plenty to be proud of, at 53 he
made many a young man look bad.

This Bret Farve thing is starting to wear
out it's welcome, but let's be fair, after the
season he had last year, I still think he
gets to call his shot, that is unless the
Packers have such short memories that
they don't remember the days of Don

Jason Taylor to the Redskins, no way that
surprises me, no way!

The Mets are making their fans feel like
Al Pacino in the Godafther III, especially
after blowing what is really noting short
of a solid well pitched game by Johan
Santana. Mumbling under their breathe
they must all be saying " Just when I think
I'm out, they pull me back in"

By the way, love him or hate him Derek Jeter
would have never mised 2nd base the way
Jose Reyes did tonight. Jose has alot to learn.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uggla, Uglier, Ugliest

Uggla- Dan Uggla that is, for the two errors in
in one inning and three for the All Star game on
Tuesday, and let's not forget his 0-4 at the plate.
Look everyone makes mistakes, but All Stars are
All Stars, let's stop the "we need everyone
represented" garbage and let's let the real Stars
play, and play longer. Want to represent everyone?
Get the coaches and managers there, maybe a
mascot or two, and let's play BASEBALL !

Uglier- The Kirk Rodamski revelation that he
suddenly found receipts for packages of HGH
being sent to Roger Clemens House. OUCH

Ugliest- Brett Favre and the Packers love
affair, nuff said !

For good measure- This goes out to all you
dumb Mets and Yankees fans who think that
it's worth taking a shot on Barry Bonds. Don't
be stupid, you are the same people that cried
bloody murder when he was getting away with
murder by playing and receiving huge ovations
in SF. Don't embarrass yourselves. NO, he's
not worth taking a shot on !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Star Streaks?

Mike Pelfrey has an ERA of 1.38 in his
last 5 starts and is 5-0 during that stretch,
without giving up a single HR

In a smaller sample, Oliver Perez has an
ERA of 0.90 in his last three starts and
is 1-0 giving up a respectable 2 HR's
during that stretch.

So How do you justify that Josh Hamilton
hit 35 HR's during the HR derby and lost
to Justin Morneau who hit 22? There's
something wrong with the the setup if it
can be that big a disparity.

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's A Crime

It's a crime that the cheapest seat to a
Mets game is a $25 nosebleed seat, and
that's a seat that prohibits you from
purchasing alcohol too.

It's a crime that part of the reason for
things like this are guys like Barry Zito,
who get paid huge bucks and continue
to grossly under perform.

It's a crime that when talking about
Yankee baseball these days I have to
include such names as Madonna.

It's a crime that Barry Bonds might still
get a job this season.

It's a crime that it took so long to write
this post.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Brotherly Love

That's what the Phillies are showing the
NY Mets right now. Last year the Mets
played crappy enough to let the Phillies
hang around long enough to steal the
division, thus far it seems the Phillies
are returning the favor.

Brotherly love is not what the media is
going to show us, as it will continue to
beat to death the A-Rod splitsville
rumours, the A-Rod/Madonna rumours,
and of course, how the heck is Tiger's
knee doing?

And just for the record, bravo to Roger
Goodell for addressing the fact that these
kids that haven't proven a damn thing,
are getting paid a kings ransom while
guys that do it year in and year out have
to worry about being cut or restructuring
contracts. This in turn screws the fans who
have to see some of their favorite players
play for someone else after having established
a sort of relationship with them. The vets
should be rewarded accordingly, and the
rookies should earn their way to the higher
salaries, just like the rest of us usually do.
Don't cut money, just spread it around better.

Happy Birthday Al Davis !
H A P P Y 4th E V E R Y O N E ! ! ! ! ! !

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

By The Way

I see the union is filing a grievance on behalf
of Shawn Chacon, and I wonder, you know
he may be totally in the right about Ed Wade,
but he totally lost any case he had when he
got up, grabbed him by the neck, and pushed
him to the ground. What was he thinking?
This grievance should have been filed just
before the neck grabbing if everything he says
about Wade cussing him out in public is true,
especially in a room full of players, and coaches.
I'm sure that at the very least the union rep on
his team could have verified his story.

I like that the NY Rangers biggest bucks in free
agency so far were spent on defense, but as great
a reputation as Wade Redden has as a passer,
and his being a two time All Star, I wonder if
all that money being spent on a guy who's been
in the league 11 years is wise when you consider
how violent and brutal a sport hockey can be.
How long before this guy wears out?

The Twins sure responded to the Detroit Tigers
bean balls in a big way on Wednesday. That is
by beating them in the last two games of the
series, taking that series, and punctuating it
by tossing a shutout in the finale.

Speaking of the Tigers, they are 42-33 since
their 0-9 start, very nice. It would be even
nicer if Dontrelle Willis had anything to do
with it. I wonder how the minor leagues are
treating him.

Last but not least, Get this, The Tampa Rays
and that's coming off two straight wins over
the Boston Red Sox. Impressive.


Not sure why but I've been keeping my eye
on the Texas Rangers all year and the one
thing I noticed ever since it looked like Ron
Washington was gonna get axed was that
once they hit .500, they stalled. One game
over one game under, over and over, for
about 30 of so games. Now they're three
games over, but how long will that last?

The NY Mets are pathetic. Want to know
what the problem is with that team?
No emotion whatsoever, NONE !

Joba went four tonight, and even though
his starts have been solid, I still say he
would be more valuable in the bullpen.
Especially when you get can beer league
guys like Sidney Ponson to beat the Mets
for you. Oh wait, They're horrible !

I'm not sure what's worse, Tiger beating
everyone and their mother during the
PGA season, or constantly analyzing
his recent knee surgery over and over
for the next 8 months.

LeBron to the Nets, or Knicks? How long
are we gonna beat that one to death?

SPAIN Euro 2008 Champs, Congrats!