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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breaking News ! Bob Golic Back In Football

Last weeks interview with Michael D. Dwyer,
the man trying to bring the USFL back from
it's extinction was just the first of many
pieces of news that will be coming from that
league, and now they have the first of many
to come "names" attached to their proposed
reemergence. A source close to the situation
has confirmed that Bob Golic has agreed to
head their "Competition & Rules" committee.
Golic a former NFL lineman and member of the
New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns and
LA Raiders is also the brother of Mike Golic
of ESPN's "Mike & Mike" radio morning team.
More announcements in the the way of league
commissioner, schedule and coaches are expected
in the very near future.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Ranting With Rizzo" Replay

The last set of clues, that's right, plural,
as in more than one clue is here for the taking
for the "Ranting with Rizzo" Sports Trivia
Challenge. The winner will be drawn from a
hat of all the correct winning entries.
Take a stab at it and answer as often as you
like. The Grand Prize is now valued at
approximately $500, and a second prize will
be awarded as well. Below you will also find
links to stories that were mentioned in the show.

Why the Jets couldn't do more about Braylon Edwards.

That's "Dr" Tiny Archibald to you !

Glad you could join us Woody Paige. RIP K. McKinley

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mad Stork Stone Cold Locks

Last week was a disaster a far as football
picks go, and I went from a breezy 3-0 to
a shameful 4-2. My apologies to those who
bet the ranch on those picks. This week I
hope to make it up to you. Here goes:

New England



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Ranting With Rizzo" & The USFL

This week we have the opportunity to chat with
Founder and Chairman of the New USFL Michael D.
Dwyer. As always go touch on many things sports,
and The Sports Trivia Challenge Grand Prize keeps
on getting bigger, and we have now included a prize
for the runner up. So step right up and take
your shot, and enter as many times as you like !

NFL Goes to 47 Game Season to Accomadate CJ2K Quest for 2500 yards

Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans boasted that
this year he would reach 2,500 yards rushing, but
if his first two games this year are any indication,
then that is nothing more than illusion on his part.
CJ had one breakaway run vs the Raiders due to a
defensive breakdown on the Part of FS Michael Huff
(He was benched for the next defensive series).
If you subtract only that run from CJ's total so
far in 2010, then you'll see that he has a total of
100 rush yards on 42 rush attempts this season for a
grand total average of 2.38 YPA. If that is a pattern
that teams are starting to key in on CJ then it would
take Mr Johnson almost 47 games at an average of 53.25
yards per game to achieve his feat 2,500 yards rushing
in a single season. His average in the Raider game
minus his one breakaway run was was slightly higher
at 2.54 yards per carry, and vs the Steelers it was
2.125. So he better hope he has a few more of those
76 yard runs mixed in, otherwise the NFL may truly need
to go to a 47 game season to accommodate CJ2k's desire!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

NY Jets Are The Devil

Poor poor Inés Sáinz was cruelly subjected to all
that boorish locker room behavior and vile male
chest thumping all with an overflow of male
testosterone, when all she was trying to do was
be a good, sound journalist. Why can't
these guys just respect that she's a professional
first and not just another piece of meat !

Stone Cold NFL Locks

Last week I won all three fo my games
by a total 13 points, and any of them
could have gone either way, but I was
confident and a win is a win. So here
I am looking to start the season 6-0 and
I'm even more confident this week.


Green Bay


They may not be the sexiest picks, but I
guess they'll do the job ! Feel free to
play along at home. Enjoy !

Bad Day at Blue Rock?

Showing once again that it means something
between these two schools when they meet,
North Carolina makes sure to exact a revenge
joy, no matter how little by beating vaunted
state rival Duke 1-0 in Soccer, Yes, Soccer.

Duke sure didn't do a good job of letting their
football team speak for how frustrated they were
as the next day the Blue Devils also got it handed
to them
on the Football field.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Things YOU Don't Care About !

The Seattle Storm won the WNBA Championship!
Who even knew it was going on?

And it's Official the Detroit Lions "Unofficially" have
Cheerleaders, and a laundry list of rules that go
along with them.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Ranting With Rizzo" Replay

This weeks set of clues brings you one step
closer to winning our Grand Prize package
in the "Ranting with Rizzo" Sports trivia
challenge. Good Sports talk, fast paced
content, and an additional clue before we
announce the winner in two weeks time.
Get you fingers tapping and send in your
guesses. Enjoy the show !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How The J-E-T-S Season May REALLY Look

They may have played the second best (According
to coach Rex Ryan)Defense in the NFL tonight, but
they didn't really give their fans any hope to be
optimistic. Yup, only one game, but a look at
their schedule may put things into a little more
perspective and make you realize that they have
farther to go than they would like you to believe.
Hopefully the Bears will make a run at a perfect
season and rest their starters (LOL), and the
Bills will lay down in hopes that they can get
Jake Locker with the number one overall pick
in the 2011 NFL Draft. That way they can sneak
in like they did last year and pump their chests
loud and proud on how they "almost" went to the
Super Bowl. Of course alomost only counts in
horseshoes and hand grenades, and fortunately
we don't have any of those to think about around
here. GO J-E-T-S !

Baltimore..........L 9 - 10
Patriots...........L (Prediction)0-2
@Dolphins..........L (Prediction)0-3
@Bills.............W (Prediction)1-3
Vikings............L (Prediction)1-4
@Broncos...........W (Prediction)2-4
Bye................L (Prediction) Just Kidding !
Packers............L (Prediction)2-5
@Lions.............W (Prediction)3-5
@Browns............W (Prediction)4-5
Texans.............W (Prediction)5-5
Bengals............W (Prediction)6-5
@Patriots..........L (Prediction)6-6
Dolphins...........W (Prediction)7-6
@Steelers..........L (Prediction)7-7
@Bears.............W (Prediction)8-7
Bills..............W (Prediction)9-7

Friday, September 10, 2010

Stone Cold Locks 2010

I will kick off the season with my picks for
MSS Stone Cold Locks with these three beauties.
Feel free to challenge me and play oalong at home.




Looking for my 3-0 start !

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Ranting With Rizzo" on WDIS

The Grand Prize to our sports trivia contest grew
a little bigger this week, and YOU still have time
to enter your picks. This weeks "set" of clues are
are worth listening for. Tune in and enjoy the show.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Ranting With Rizzo" Replay

This weeks show takes on the Little League
World Series, and the Greedbags that are
Major League Baseball owners. We also make
sure to reward your loyalty by giving you
clue number three in our contest to win a
two night getaway at the Hyatt Place in
Garden City, NY as well a upcoming add ons
to this Grand Prize. Enjoy the Show