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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mad Mad World

NHL The Ottawa Senators NHL hockey is
in first place in their division and only two
points behind NJ for overall lead in the
East. Good, right? Apparently not,
because they just fired their coach on
Wednesday. Well it's worked for the
NJ Devils and Lou Lamoriello before.
MLB Removing the word "Devil" from their
name would not have been enough for the
Tampa Bay Rays had they gone through with
offering Barry Bonds a contract. They would
have needed complete exorcism after that.
NBA The only trade that seems to have paid
dividends so far seems to be the one for Pau
Gasol to the Lakers. Kidd, Shaq, and Wallace
apparently still need time to mesh with their
new teams, and just wait til' Eddy Curry and
the Knicks get rolling. You'll see.
NFL Is this whole Belichick thing starting to
look alot like what Roger Clemens was going
through? I mean the fact that they deny, deny,
deny, and then more and more things start to
come out of the woodwork.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Irony Of It All

They did drugs, won illegally, and cheated
their teammates, and opponents. So how
ironic is it that the likes of Marion Jones,
Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens, amongst
others will wind up be punished not for that,
but rather for lying. I guess there's something
to that "thou shalt not lie" commandment
after all.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Like Dominos They Begin To Fall

More evidence surfaces against Roger Clemens.
More evidence surfaces against Bill Belicheck.
More evidence surfaces against Kelvin Sampson.

I guess these guys live by the motto of many Texas
high school football followers, "If you ain't cheatin,
you ain't tryin"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Makes You Go Hmmmmm

It may not bother the NON sports fan, but
it must at least raise an eyebrow, that a
retired player can be included in a trade
for the sole purpose of making it work.
I'm sure Keith Van Horn has over two million
reasons why he agreed to it though. Hmmm....
How can any professional team can take a 5-0
past the midway point of a game and then
lose? Ask the NY Rangers. Hmmmm.................
There's something wrong when there are just
as many names on the police blotter with sports
personalities, as there are on Mel Kiper's pre
draft board. Hmmmmm ......................................
Now that the LA Lakers are one game behind
the best record in the NBA's western conference
I can clearly see why Kobe bryant wanted to be
traded earlier in the off season. Hmmmmmm...
Has anyone in any of the spring training camps
had a news conference yet that is only about
baseball? Hmmmmmmm.....................................
In his first press conference as Dallas Maverick
yesterday, Jason Kidd mentioned how in his
second tour with the team he realizes more now
that this is a team game, and you can't win it on
your own. I'm sure it warmed Byron Scott's heart.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

St. Louis Rams 17 New England Patriots ** Final (Revised)

I will admit that though the lawsuit vs the Patriots
by ex Rams player Willie Gary will set a bad
precedent if he wins, I am kinda rooting for him
to win. If the Patriots did cheat and get caught,
they then deserve what they get, and I see no
problem with that other than it might open up
a can of worms that we wont want to see.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Having watched just the majority of the first
part of the hearings today on Capitol Hill
dealing with Roger Clemens and ex trainer
Brian McNamee today, one thing is crystal
clear. Each and every Congressman has an
agenda, pro or against Clemens, pro or
against McNamee, it's disgusting and quite
frankly embarassing.

The representative from Indiana should be
ashamed of himself for grandstanding the
way he did and taking sides as blatantly as
he did. He asked McNamee, if you lied so
many times, why should we believe you?
I say this to him then, " let he who has not
sined cast the first stone", and for you non
biblical types I'll go with "Don't throw stones
in glass houses". It's really too bad that no
one was able to ask him if he'd ever lied,
but I'm sure his response would have been
that he isn't the one being questioned here.
WFAN in New York carried the hearings and
Eddie Erickson producer of the "Mike and
the Mad Dog" was interested enough in the
Rep.'s comments that during the first break
he decided to check the Rep.'s record, and
though I can't confirm his findings, he pulled
up his record, and it was apparently quite
sketchy. Why am I NOT surprised.
What a LOSER., and that goes for most of
the rest of them, but Mr Burton gets 1st place.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Long Range Bricks

ESPN Radio in NY reported today that Jason
Kidd's agent told the Nets that if Kidd wasn't
traded to a contender he would steer future
clients away from the Nets. Who the F&%K
is this guy?! ! !

Didn't Kobe Bryant say he wanted to be traded?

I'm with Shaq, I wouldn't count him out just yet.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Debbie Clemens gets injected with HGH
to pose with her husband for the Sports
Illustrated swimsuit issue?

Daniel Snyder hires his offensive coordinator,
Jim Zorn to be his next head coach, even
though he interviewed at least a dozen other
people, and Jim Zorn wasn't offensive coordinator
for the Redskins long enough to call a single play.

Brian McNamee saved those blood stained swabs
and needles for SEVEN YEARS?

Pedro Martinez was seen at a cock fight in the
Dominican Republic. So what now, we start
chasing around every athlete with two city
blocks of animals that happen to be battling
each other?

If the NBA season ended today, the NJ Nets
would make the playoffs in the East, and the
Houston Rockets wouldn't in the West.
Why such a big deal? The Nets are 21-29,
and the Rockets are 29-20.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dumb And Dumberer Part Duex

I will let you decide. Is it Bill Belichick, if he
happens to get caught for illegaly taping the
Rams prior to the 2002 Super Bowl, or is it
Roger Clemens for saying how glad he was to
finally tell his side of the story yesterday, and
then hearing today that Brian McNamee has
syringes with Streroids, HGH, and his blood
on them. It's tough but my vote goes to
Clemens. I guess it's just another piece of
hardware for his trophy case.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quick Hits

MLB If the trade for Eric Bedard goes through,
this will be just one more example of why the
Orioles can't keep up with the Red Sox, Yankees,
and Blue Jays, and they should be grateful for
'the fact that the Rays are still as inept as ever.
MLB II The Mets got better in a hurry with the
Santana trade, but the games economics didn't.
NFL You may already be tired of all the attention
Eli Manning is getting, but at least you don't have
to worry about him showing up in the Hollywood
gossip columns. Unless he hooks up with Britney!
NFL II Rumor has it that if Bill Belichick taped
the Rams prior to their Super Bowl, he could be
suspended for a year. Admit it, you hoping he
did. Admit it!
NCAAF is reporting that Charlie Weiss
and Notre Dame have secured themselves a great
recruiting class. It will be interesting to see how
this translates to the field. Many experts thought
the same of their recruiting class last year.
NBA If the Suns get Shaq it will officially make the
Heat the worst team in the NBA, and his presence
on the Suns very odd looking. Can you say hired gun?

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Let's make this quick and simple, I am
36-14 on the year and laying all on the
line here. All that matters is the pick,
I'll add the rest for entertainment value.


Score (Who Knows) 34-37

MVP (Beats Me) Eli Manning or Kevin Boss

Goat (LOL) Rodney Harrison

Sacked For A Loss

MLB The NY Mets signed Johan Santana to what
works out to be a seven year $150 million dollar
contract. Am I of the few that thinks that that is
insane? That works out to $21,428,571.43 per
season, and since I was quick to critize the
Yankees on the Clemens deal I hafta do the same
here. That works out to $649,350.69 per start.
That is $6,493.51 per pitch based on a 100 pitch
NFL The Pro Football Hall Of Fame took 22
years to elect Fred Dean, 14 for Andre Tippett,
12 for Art Monk, 10 for Gary Zimmerman, and
19 for Emmitt Thomas, so my questions is what
the heck were they waiting for if these guys are
Hall Of Famers? Did they become more HOF'ers
after they were rejected they first few times?
I mean they didn't play another down, and they
had already waited the mandatory five year
period after they retired, so why now?
I will tell you why, because they are a bunch of
fairies thats why. It's political and it's a huge
popularity contest, which is why the HOF is such
a sham, and the way you get elected should be
drastically changed. The people who vote should
be ashamed that they sometimes wait until
someone dies before they elect them in.
Take into account that the punter on the NFL
75th anniversary team was Ray Guy, and he nor
any other punter is in the HOF, and this year
was his final year of eligibility. Now it's up to
the veterans committee. So apparently after
Not punting for about 20 years he will be more
of a HOF'er than he was yesterday. WHAT A JOKE