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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ranting With Rizzo Podcast For 4-28-12

The "Ranting with Rizzo" podcast is available
and we look at the embarrassing behavior of
Bruins on Twitter is one of the topics as well
as the Red Sox, the NBA Playoffs, and the NFL
draft. Check it out here:

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Friday, April 27, 2012

NFL Network Reporter Caught Napping On GM He's Covering

This video certainly isn't meant to embarrass anyone,
but you would think that if you're at a teams draft
headquarters during the draft you could get the name
of the GM correct. Watch Ari Wolfe of the NFL Network
botch it up more than once on LIVE TV. Check out the
sweet VIDEO goodness here.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

13 Month NFL Season Continues To Steamroll The Competition

I know that the last time I wrote about how
the NFL season never seems to end I called it
an eleven month season, but after last night's
draft in NYC I find it only right to say to
you that I was wrong, and that thirteen months
is more like it.

I am exaggerating of course, but it is a mild
exaggeration at best. Keep in mind that last
night the draft had a much larger TV audience
then game seven of the New York Rangers, the
Ottawa Senators series in the NHL playoffs.
It's just the NHL you say? Well, the draft is
just like picking sides in a schoolyard pick up
game, game seven is GAME 7, in a sport that has
a reasonable size fan base in North America,
and was an actual game with scoring and stuff.
OK, did you even realize that is was the end of
the NBA season?, or that Kobe Bryant had a shot
at being the third oldest player ever to win a
scoring title, behind Michael Jordan, and, uh,
oh yeah, Michael Jordan? Catch any baseball
scores last night?

I'm certainly not trying to beat this to death,
but take a look around you and watch how many
of your fellow sports fans reference the draft
this weekend, and how many mention the playoffs
in the NHL or NBA, as well as the baseball season,
and that's when you'll realize that the NFL can
put almost any event head to head with any of the
other four or five major sports, and with about
70% of the time or more. What a cash cow !

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mad Stork Sports on ScatterRadio Podcast For 4-25-12

Lots of talk about the NHL Playoffs, the upcoming
NBA Playoffs and even a little MLB baseball with
all this football draft talk in the air. Also hear
how boosters at Arkansas have reacted since the
firing of Bobby Petrino. Here you go!

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saints They Ain't, Mickey Loomis More Like Mickey Mouse

AP Photo

I can assure you that Saints fans want to make sure
they aren't ever reminded of the days when their
beloved Saints were referred to as the Aint's, but
that was only because they couldn't win a game to
save their lives. Now it seems that they would be
better recognized if they borrowed their name from
an NHL team, the New Jersey Devils.

Guilt or innocence on much of what's been said and
suspected is still yet to be decided, but like the
old saying goes, "Where there's smoke, there's fire.
I have been saying from day one of the suspensions
that the man who should have gotten the one year
suspension, should have been Mickey Loomis, the GM,
not Sean Payton the head coach. Though I realize
that the head coach is ultimately responsible for
happens with the team, good or bad, Mickey Loomis
sees to be playing a pretty large role in all of
these shenanigans.

I know that in this modern era of sports teams can
often go from worst to 1st, but the Saints dominance
to me seemed a little too dominant at times, and
though I can't put my finger on it, it just didn't
feel right. Now I know that Drew Brees is no fluke
at QB, and Sean Payton is one hell of a coach, but
a little edge never hurt anyone, if no one finds out
that is. Now there comes news that Loomis was eaves
dropping on the opposing teams locker rooms.
"Where there's smoke, there's fire". You want to
believe people have it out for the Saints, you're
entitled to that, but I don't, and I can't think of
anyone who does. Everyone wants to knock you off
when you're on top, buy that's nothing new, and
they have already admitted to their transgressions,
so it's not as if it was fabricated. Defensive
coordinator Gregg Williams was guilty of this stuff
even before he got to New Orleans, and that may have
made him more appealing to them, and why they finally
got over the hump, and won it all.

If any of these new accusations are true it may not
seem as bad as "Bountygate" because injury to opposing
players may not necessarily come from it or be ordered,
but it should be punishable in as harsh a way as Gregg
Williams is being punished now. In light of the fact
that Loomis will be not just a multiple offender, but
one that actively worked on cheating more than he did
anything for the good of the game or the league, the
hammer on this Mickey should fall hard and swift.
There is no room for this sort of underhandedness,
and now that the FBI is involved Mickey Mouse Loomis
will more than lost draft picks to worry about.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Ranting With Rizzo Podcast For 4-21-12

The podcast of Saturday's show is ready to download
and we take a look at the Rad Sox 100th Birthday
celebration of Fenway, the NBA Playoff picture, the
NHL Playoffs, and other juicy tidbits from around
the world of sports. Enjoy the show.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New York Mets No-Hit Once Again

The list is filed with a who's who, and a not so
who's who of pitchers that went on to both fame
and infamy after they left the NY Metropolitans
for other teams, but whether or not they became
Hall of Famers or not, they all have ONE thing
in common, they threw no-hitters for someone
other than the New York Mets, but they were
originally with The Mets.

Yesterday it happened again. Philip Humber
threw a perfect game, which though much better
than a no hitter, is still at the very least a
no hitter, and with that went on to join a list
that includes: Nolan Ryan, Nolan Ryan, Nolan
Ryan, Nolan Ryan, Nolan Ryan, Nolan Ryan, Nolan
Ryan, Tom Seaver, Mike Scott, Dwight Gooden,
David Cone, and yesterday Philip Humber.
This can certainly make Mets fans feel pretty
bad, then you can add to that the fact that the
Mets have as an organization themselves been no
hit six times by other pitchers as well, and
well it hurts, It really hurts.

Fifty years and counting. They should not be
considered an expansion team anymore. They have
been around half as long as most teams in the
majors today, and longer than about a half dozen
more. They're day may come, but as a Mets fan
I'm not holding my breathe any longer.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mad Stork Sports on ScatterRadio Podcast For 4-18-12

Lots of talk about Bobby Petrino's "situation"
at Arkansas, baseball and even some Tim Tebow
talk on this edition of the show. Here you go!

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Minnesota Vikings Set To Follow The "Hand Out" Script

Jim Mone, Associated Press

A wise man once said: I know enough to say that
I don't know anything, and in my case this is too
often true, however I know repetition when I see
it. It seems to be that time again, the time when
a team owner tells us of his teams desperate need
for a new stadium or they'll die of obscurity.
They want taxpayers to foot the bill and then
in 20 or 30 years threaten to move again of they
don't get another one, because that new stadium
is now "old".

The Vikings are in a stadium that though it has
had it's issues, that I wont argue, is only 30
years old, and yet today we celebrate the 100th
anniversary of Fenway park. Now, though it is
clear that this is an aberration and a stretch
as to how long a ballpark should be in use, how
about something in the middle, say 40-50 years?

I don't want to pick on the Vikings or their
ownership here, but previous owners have laid
lousy groundwork for them, and have been too
unscrupulous at times to say the very least.
I am going to steal a Tweet from NY Post sports
writer Bart Hubbuch (@NYPost_Hubbuch) who made
a good point when last week on Twitter he said
"If Tom Benson has the cash to buy the Hornets,
why did he need state handouts to keep the Saints
in N.O.? The gall of some NFL owners ......."
I can't disagree with that sentiment. I'm not
saying that Zygi Wilf is one in the same, but I
don't think that taxpayers can afford to fund
another wealthy owner in this tough economic

I'm sorry Mr. Wilf, take out a loan, and build
your own stadium. If this NFL is such a cash
cow then you should have no problem making the
money back. The Vikings are obviously popular
enough that they haven't had a game blacked out
due to lack of a sellout in 15 years. So you
should know that it won't be a money losing
proposition for you, but please double charge
the Minnesota taxpayer by asking for a stadium
and then charge them to come and see a game too.
That's not playing fair with your fans or the
state taxpayers who don't give a damn about your

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is Davey Johnson Poised To Make The Nationals Remind Us Of The 86 Mets?

By Rob Carr, AP

Yes, I know, Blasphemy!, well at least to New York Mets
fans anyway. Can you think of a better headline to use
that goes with Davey Johnson, a 9-3 start, and lots of
young talent like the Nationals have? Maybe, but as a
life long Mets fan, Davey Johnson has a special place
in my heart and it irks the the beejesus out of me that
a manager who has a win percentage as high as he does,
a World Series title and never had managerial record of
worse than 77-85 during a full season, had to wait over
ten years to get his next shot as a Major league manager.

Davey Johnson has a .562 career winning percentage, and
a record that is 262 games over .500! He has managed
in the Olympics, for both the American & Dutch national
teams, and even taught a little baseball in China.
Now Johnson is back at the helm of an MLB team, and has
the parts to make some hay. Stephen Strasburg may not
exactly remind you of Doc Gooden yet, but the potential
comparison is there. There isn't a Keith Hernandez type
on this team, but how many teams have that anyway?
This Nats squad has Jayson Werth, not Gary Carter as it's
big name gun from another team. For a home grown leader
they lean on Ryan Zimmerman instead of a Daryl Strawberry
or a Mookie Wilson, and though you may not get as many
practical jokes out of Brad Lidge and Drew Storen as you
did from Jesse Orosco, and Roger McDowell, you might get
more saves.

OK, so maybe the '86 Mets are a lofty comparison 12 games
into the season, but this team definitely has a chance to
do a couple of things that team did, win the division, and
win the World Series. I also can't help but feel that
Davey Johnson is once again poised to show the rest of us
what a smart baseball man he is, and his link to that 1986
team is obviously inevitable. I will still root for my
Mets, but I have to root for Davey too. He deserves it.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Larry Brown May Help Resurrect SMU From Death

It seems like a lifetime ago, but SMU was once
the toast of the college football world. They
had names like Craig James and Eric Dickerson,
and seriously competed for championships.

All of that changed however when they got their
hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar and
the NCAA put the smack down on them with
sanctions so brutal that would soon become know
as "The Death Penalty". It was easy to see why
too, these sanctions were so harsh it took more
than a generation of fans before SMU could even
sniff anything resembling a winning season or
even an athlete of any major stature.

It seems that in 2008 Southern Methodist decided
to try and establish itself as more than a lackey
for the first time in a long time, and went after
a fairly decent high profile coach in the way of
June Jones, with the exception of him almost
leaving for Arizona St. last Winter, it has been
a good thing for the program, and they have won a
couple bowl games too. So now after sticking their
toe in the water and liking what they've been able
to accomplish, they have decided to build a part
of their athletic department that they are not as
know for to the casual fan, Basketball.

Yesterday Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports posted
a story that SMU is in good shape to work out a deal
with Hall of Fame and legendary coach Larry Brown
to take over their basketball program, and he is
getting help from of all people John Calipari.
This is huge on many levels, and the school can
really put itself on the map legitimately if it
lands Brown. Brown has not only a great teacher,
but is the only man to ever win an NCAA title
(Kansas)and an NBA championship (Detroit).
Brown gave Calipari a job as an assistant after
Calipari's fall as head man of the NJ Nets, and
the two are close. Though I don't expect John
Calipari to try any five star recruits in Larry
Brown's direction, you can bet that though Brown
may not need the help, he may benefit from their
relationship anyway, and in turn help SMU shine a
little brighter a little faster. Make no mistake
here, this isn't Isiah Thomas coaching FIU, this
is an established coaching legend looking to show
us he's still got it, and something the folks at
Big East basketball have to be loving.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ranting With Rizzo Podcast For 3-14-12

The podcast of Saturday's show has arrived
and along with looking at the NBA Playoff
picture, we also take a look at NHL Playoffs
so far. I comment on Dwayne Wade and Ray
Allen's thoughts on playing for the Olympic
team, and and have a look at the start of the
MLB Season. Hope you enjoy it.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Is Bobby Valentine's Hiring In Boston Already A Failure?

David Goldman, AP

I am very well aware that it may sound like I'm
jumping the the gun on this issue, and it does
sound like a stupid question to many of you, BUT
you cant help but notice that Bobby Valentine's
tenure in Beantown is not off to a very stellar

As of this writing the Sox are 4-6, and that's
good, they were 1-5. So What? Well it's eerily
similar to their start last year, and that was
one of many reasons their two time World Series
Champion manager was replaced, yeah that and that
whole beer in the clubhouse thing. One hundred
and fifty two more games to go you say? Yes,
that's true too, but Valentine either wants to
shake things up and see what happens, or he is
as disconnected with that clubhouse as can be.
He has already apologized to his starting third
baseman Kevin Youkilis for public comments made
about his dedication, and that's only the stuff
we know about. The thing is, right now I'm just
not getting a warm fuzzy feeling that he and his
style are being easily accepted, and/or understood
by that group of players. Again, Is it a little
early? Absolutely, but if I had to make a bet now,
and I don't, I would say that this will be Bobby
Valentines one and only season at the helm of the
Boston Red Sox. Call it a hunch, or maybe even
indigestion, but it's been eating away at me.
I just think that Bobby Valentine is a real smart
baseball man, but sometimes people don't get him.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ozzie Guillen Fired.........Just A Matter Of Time

Mike Ehrmann, Getty Images

The last time I wrote about Ozzie Guillen's situation in
Miami and the outrage from it's Cuban community, I ended
the story with the fact that I didn't think he would be
able to survive this, and it seems as though that thought
is beginning to take flight.

Seth Everett who is a Sports Broadcaster for CBS-Philly
appeared on the Richard Neer show today on WFAN in NY,
and not only did he divulge that he is a Cuban American
himself on his fathers side, but also that the word around
Miami is for protests planned for Guillen's return are
about to make it really uncomfortable for the Marlins to
ignore the public outcry. Not only are human barricades
planned in protest to make it difficult for fans to attend
Marlins games if Ozzie Guillen is allowed to remain manager,
but Everett also went on to say that two major sponsors that
are Cuban owned are contemplating pulling their financial
support of the team until something is done. I do not know
if any of this is major news to you, but depending on what
part of the country you live in, it probably is.

I'm certainly not rooting for Ozzie to get fired, but I
believe he will, and he should eventually start realizing
that his words have real consequences, and saying I'm sorry
is not always enough. Sometimes you have to be sorry too.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ranting with Rizzo - Live - Now

"Ranting with Rizzo" is on at 12 Noon and there is
plenty Stanley Cup talk as well as plenty of NBA
playoff scenarios to look at.
Tune in to 1170AM WDIS and WDISAM.Com
Join the discussion. Rizzo@WDISAM.Com

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Friday, April 13, 2012

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Begin, and......Yawn

Photo Credit: FlynetOnline

Don't let the headline fool you, I am a hockey fan,
just not a crazed lunatic, over the top, I'll hate
you if you don't like hockey, hockey fan. Admit it
though, some of you are the same way, and how many
noticed the playoffs started last night?, oh wait,
they started 2 nights ago. See? Not easy to even
realize it, is it?

I should actually be pretty excited, my NY Rangers
opened up their first game with a 4-2 victory over
the Ottawa Senators, a team that has given them fits
this year, and has been a major thorn against the blue
shirts at MSG, but I happened to miss everything about
it, other than the final score. The thing is, I expect
them to make it to the next level, and probably then I
will watch more games, and show more interest. I will
definitely keep an eye on the box score, and even catch
a period or two, but much like the NBA, it seems that
more teams make the playoffs than don't, so it's as if
the regular season just gets weeded out a bit.

Though it's true I find the NBA playoffs a little more
interesting, it's still quite a bit of overkill. MLB
added an extra team this year to their playoff format,
but at least they only made it a one game sudden death
type of playoff. All the leagues do this to add more
revenue, but when does it kill the golden goose?

Clearly for the casual hockey fan like myself it has
happened in hockey, and it teeters with the NBA, so
YAWN I hope they find a middle ground 'cause I kinda
like hockey, I just don't want to watch it 11 out of
12 months. Yawn....................

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ranting With Rizzo Podcast For 4-7-12

The podcast of Saturday's show is here, and NBA Playoff
talk as well as NHL Playoff talk is in the air.
Is their anything to the Knicks resurgence?
Download the podcast and hear what we have to
say or enjoy it right here, but whatever you do,
don't miss out on it. Enjoy !

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Ozzie Guillen Finds Out That "Freedom" Of Speech Has A Price

AP Photo

This is nothing new, and you've heard it hundreds of
times before; "There is no such thing as a free "lunch",
and when it comes to freedom of speech I guess it
applies there as well. It is true however, ask a
veteran, or someone who ancestry descends from those
that where involved in the revolutionary or the
writing of the constitution, their is always a price.

Ozzie Guillen has been abusing this right for a very long
time now, and it's been chalked up to him sticking his
foot in his mouth or just "Ozzie being Ozzie". Well
this time the Cuban descendants that live in S Florida
want little to nothing to do with Ozzie's sort of BS.
What Ozzie said, may to some be blown out or proportion
or even misconstrued, but to those who have a personal
stake here, nothing could be further from the truth.
When it's your blood, and your sacrifice, it always
stings more, and that's what the Cuban descendants in
South Florida and across the country are feeling.

Ozzie Guillen did the right thing today, he offered a
heart felt apology that not only seemed sincere, but
authentic, and honest as well, but that may not be

He's also been suspended for FIVE games in a season
that isn't more than five games old, and has also given
bad publicity to a team that need badly to gain fan
support, and increase fan attendance in a stadium that
can't afford to fail. The Marlins tried to add a little
more latin flavor into their team this year with the
acquisition of Jose Reyes and the hiring of Guillen,
and though that may not have been their only goal, I'm
afraid all of this has backfired and will not help the
cause of their team.

With all that's at stake for the Marlins and Owner Jeffrey
Luria I can't see Ozzie surviving this. You can expect to
see him dismissed or resigning before the season is over,
no matter how sincere he is. So much for Ozzie being Ozzie.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Sunday, April 8, 2012

FIU Fires Isiah Thomas, Knicks Fans Fear The Worst


Never before have NY Knicks fans rooted so hard for
head coach Mike Woodson who wasn't anywhere near the
top of their wish list when it came to coaches who
could replace Mike D'Antoni, but now that it is once
again possible that Isiah Thomas is available after
being fired from Florida International University for
producing a dismal 26-65 record over three seasons as
head coach there, Knicks fans can't help but fear the

Isiah is a favorite son of Knicks owner Jim Dolan,
and when it comes to their relationship, he makes no
apologies for an affinity to wanting Thomas to be a
big part of the Knicks hierarchy. Thomas says he was
surprised that he was let go from FIU, but can
anyone really understand what this guy is thinking?
I mean you go 26-65, and never win more than 11 games
in a system that requires you win around 20 to make it
to the tournament, and you're surprised you were let

This isn't too different than the kind of reaction
or feeling he had when he was finally relieved of his
duties as head man with the Knicks, if not publicly,
the privately for sure. That's just pretty much Isiah.

Growing up a Knick fan myself, I can totally understand
what Knicks fans are feeling, but I'm pretty confident
that fear will not materialize into anything more than
speculation, rumor, and innuendo. Isiah Thomas will
not be head coach of the New York Knicks anytime soon.
Jim Dolan as much as he might want to will not make
Isiah Thomas head coach of the Knicks once again.
He may make him the GM, an advisor, a scout, and even
team president once again, but it won't be anytime
soon that Isiah will roam the sidelines for the Knicks.
I'm am not saying that this will never happen, and it
may off with something like an interim basis, but it
is not likely to be in the neraf future.

Jim Dolan is going to want to make a splash this off
season, and he is going to try and pry Phil Jackson
out of retirement, or make a run at John Calipari or,
perhaps even resurect the late John Wooden, but I
don't see a resurrection of Thomas thistime around.
Luckily for Knicks fans, that the only thing Jim Dolan
cares about more than Isiah Thomas is making a HUGE
headline in the sports page. Until then, Knicks fans
will keep hoping and rooting for Woodsanity to be as
successful as Linsanity.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mad Stork Sports on ScatterRadio Podcast For 4-4-12

The MLB season has begun, The Knicks now want
to talk about "Woodsanity", and we aim to
entertain so download & Enjoy !

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard More Like Joker Than Superman

Courtesy SIKids

Everyone by now has either seen or heard about the video
that made the rounds yesterday when Stan Van Gundy
addressed the media about whether or not it
was true that Dwight Howard told Orlando Magic
management to fire the coach. To me however this
isn't the story, the story is that players like
Howard have been doing this forever, and constantly
get away with it. It's quite annoying. You can go
all the way back to when LA Lakers Magic Johnson
had Paul Westhead fired in favor of Pat Riley, to
when the Bulls Michael Jordan got Doug Collins
fired in Chicago, and those are only NBA examples.

I guess I'm just curious to figure out where did it
all go wrong in Orlando. Before dropping their 5th
straight game last night, the Magic was 32-18, that
doesn't sound like a team in turmoil. Not too long
ago Dwight Howard signed a waiver in his contract
just prior to the trade deadline that ensured he
would be with the Magic until at the very least the
end of next season. He didn't have to do this, he
could have either been traded or left at the end of
this season. They are constantly competing as one
of the better teams in the NBA's East, and went to
the Finals not too long ago with the very same core
group of coach and star. I don't get it, what gives?
Wish I knew, but I will tell you this, and this is
just a got feeling; everyone is waiting for Stan
Van Gundy to get fired, and that may just happen,
but if someone in management did tell the coach that
Howard wanted him fired, then I believe that they are
either playing them against each other and will keep
who they think will serve them best, or they are
siding with the coach, and are just plain tired of
Howard's act and want to expose him to the rest of
the league to show them what a Prima Donna he is.

Like I said it's just a gut feeling, but right about
now this self proclaimed "Superman" is behaving alot
more like a character from Batman named the "Joker",
and ruining a good thing for a team that can actually
compete at a high level. Time to suck it up Cupcake !

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mad Stork Sports Live on ScatterRadio 6PM

Lots happening in the sports world this week and
Mad Stork Sports on Sactteradio is here to talk it
over with you. What do you wanna talk about?
Join me for a fun hour of talk and breakdown,
and call in to make your voice heard.

Find the show here on ScatterRadio
Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Ranting with Rizzo Podcast For 3/31/12

The better late than never podcast of Saturday's show
is right here, so download or enjoy it right here, but
whatever you do, don't miss out on it. Enjoy !

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

Has John Calipari Taken An A-Rod Type Monkey Off His Back?

AP Photo

Admittedly I haven't been chock full off sports stories
the last couple of days. The Ncaa tournament didn't
excite me, I don't know enough about the Women's bracket
to make any comments, and not only is the NBA frustrating
me, but MLB and their on again off again season has
actually annoyed me. Through all of that one though
came to mind Monday night as all the talk and Twitter
chatter started to ramp up. Is it just me or does John
Calipari finally winning a Championship remind you at
all of A-Rod after he finally won his World Series ring
with the Yankees?

I can't help but see the comparison, albeit it a small
sample at that, but I would venture to say that they
are not too well liked in many circles, and yet they
once were. They finally won their first and still lone
title with a very storied franchise/team, and I would
easily bet that most folks were rooting against them.
It's not a perfect science I know, but it's not meant
to be, it's just a feeling. Am I wrong?

PS: Every time the University of Kentucky has won the
National Championship, the New York Yankees have won
the World Series in the very same year. I believe the
ball is in your court Mr. Rodriguez.

Congratulations to the Baylor Bears Women's Basketball
Team for going 40-0 and Winning the Women's National
Championship! Guess it ain't all just about RG III.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis