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Friday, April 6, 2012

Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard More Like Joker Than Superman

Courtesy SIKids

Everyone by now has either seen or heard about the video
that made the rounds yesterday when Stan Van Gundy
addressed the media about whether or not it
was true that Dwight Howard told Orlando Magic
management to fire the coach. To me however this
isn't the story, the story is that players like
Howard have been doing this forever, and constantly
get away with it. It's quite annoying. You can go
all the way back to when LA Lakers Magic Johnson
had Paul Westhead fired in favor of Pat Riley, to
when the Bulls Michael Jordan got Doug Collins
fired in Chicago, and those are only NBA examples.

I guess I'm just curious to figure out where did it
all go wrong in Orlando. Before dropping their 5th
straight game last night, the Magic was 32-18, that
doesn't sound like a team in turmoil. Not too long
ago Dwight Howard signed a waiver in his contract
just prior to the trade deadline that ensured he
would be with the Magic until at the very least the
end of next season. He didn't have to do this, he
could have either been traded or left at the end of
this season. They are constantly competing as one
of the better teams in the NBA's East, and went to
the Finals not too long ago with the very same core
group of coach and star. I don't get it, what gives?
Wish I knew, but I will tell you this, and this is
just a got feeling; everyone is waiting for Stan
Van Gundy to get fired, and that may just happen,
but if someone in management did tell the coach that
Howard wanted him fired, then I believe that they are
either playing them against each other and will keep
who they think will serve them best, or they are
siding with the coach, and are just plain tired of
Howard's act and want to expose him to the rest of
the league to show them what a Prima Donna he is.

Like I said it's just a gut feeling, but right about
now this self proclaimed "Superman" is behaving alot
more like a character from Batman named the "Joker",
and ruining a good thing for a team that can actually
compete at a high level. Time to suck it up Cupcake !

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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