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Friday, April 13, 2012

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Begin, and......Yawn

Photo Credit: FlynetOnline

Don't let the headline fool you, I am a hockey fan,
just not a crazed lunatic, over the top, I'll hate
you if you don't like hockey, hockey fan. Admit it
though, some of you are the same way, and how many
noticed the playoffs started last night?, oh wait,
they started 2 nights ago. See? Not easy to even
realize it, is it?

I should actually be pretty excited, my NY Rangers
opened up their first game with a 4-2 victory over
the Ottawa Senators, a team that has given them fits
this year, and has been a major thorn against the blue
shirts at MSG, but I happened to miss everything about
it, other than the final score. The thing is, I expect
them to make it to the next level, and probably then I
will watch more games, and show more interest. I will
definitely keep an eye on the box score, and even catch
a period or two, but much like the NBA, it seems that
more teams make the playoffs than don't, so it's as if
the regular season just gets weeded out a bit.

Though it's true I find the NBA playoffs a little more
interesting, it's still quite a bit of overkill. MLB
added an extra team this year to their playoff format,
but at least they only made it a one game sudden death
type of playoff. All the leagues do this to add more
revenue, but when does it kill the golden goose?

Clearly for the casual hockey fan like myself it has
happened in hockey, and it teeters with the NBA, so
YAWN I hope they find a middle ground 'cause I kinda
like hockey, I just don't want to watch it 11 out of
12 months. Yawn....................

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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