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Monday, April 16, 2012

Is Bobby Valentine's Hiring In Boston Already A Failure?

David Goldman, AP

I am very well aware that it may sound like I'm
jumping the the gun on this issue, and it does
sound like a stupid question to many of you, BUT
you cant help but notice that Bobby Valentine's
tenure in Beantown is not off to a very stellar

As of this writing the Sox are 4-6, and that's
good, they were 1-5. So What? Well it's eerily
similar to their start last year, and that was
one of many reasons their two time World Series
Champion manager was replaced, yeah that and that
whole beer in the clubhouse thing. One hundred
and fifty two more games to go you say? Yes,
that's true too, but Valentine either wants to
shake things up and see what happens, or he is
as disconnected with that clubhouse as can be.
He has already apologized to his starting third
baseman Kevin Youkilis for public comments made
about his dedication, and that's only the stuff
we know about. The thing is, right now I'm just
not getting a warm fuzzy feeling that he and his
style are being easily accepted, and/or understood
by that group of players. Again, Is it a little
early? Absolutely, but if I had to make a bet now,
and I don't, I would say that this will be Bobby
Valentines one and only season at the helm of the
Boston Red Sox. Call it a hunch, or maybe even
indigestion, but it's been eating away at me.
I just think that Bobby Valentine is a real smart
baseball man, but sometimes people don't get him.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

1 comment:

JPA said...

I think Bobby V is a solid but not amazing manager. On top of that he has a tendency to be a clown. I think he has shown mediocre judgment as a leader and was wrong to call out Youk (who I hate so that is not me defending him). Pedroia said something to the effect that Bobby needs to learn how we operate around here. That doesn't sound warm and fuzzy. Inmates running the asylum?