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Sunday, April 8, 2012

FIU Fires Isiah Thomas, Knicks Fans Fear The Worst


Never before have NY Knicks fans rooted so hard for
head coach Mike Woodson who wasn't anywhere near the
top of their wish list when it came to coaches who
could replace Mike D'Antoni, but now that it is once
again possible that Isiah Thomas is available after
being fired from Florida International University for
producing a dismal 26-65 record over three seasons as
head coach there, Knicks fans can't help but fear the

Isiah is a favorite son of Knicks owner Jim Dolan,
and when it comes to their relationship, he makes no
apologies for an affinity to wanting Thomas to be a
big part of the Knicks hierarchy. Thomas says he was
surprised that he was let go from FIU, but can
anyone really understand what this guy is thinking?
I mean you go 26-65, and never win more than 11 games
in a system that requires you win around 20 to make it
to the tournament, and you're surprised you were let

This isn't too different than the kind of reaction
or feeling he had when he was finally relieved of his
duties as head man with the Knicks, if not publicly,
the privately for sure. That's just pretty much Isiah.

Growing up a Knick fan myself, I can totally understand
what Knicks fans are feeling, but I'm pretty confident
that fear will not materialize into anything more than
speculation, rumor, and innuendo. Isiah Thomas will
not be head coach of the New York Knicks anytime soon.
Jim Dolan as much as he might want to will not make
Isiah Thomas head coach of the Knicks once again.
He may make him the GM, an advisor, a scout, and even
team president once again, but it won't be anytime
soon that Isiah will roam the sidelines for the Knicks.
I'm am not saying that this will never happen, and it
may off with something like an interim basis, but it
is not likely to be in the neraf future.

Jim Dolan is going to want to make a splash this off
season, and he is going to try and pry Phil Jackson
out of retirement, or make a run at John Calipari or,
perhaps even resurect the late John Wooden, but I
don't see a resurrection of Thomas thistime around.
Luckily for Knicks fans, that the only thing Jim Dolan
cares about more than Isiah Thomas is making a HUGE
headline in the sports page. Until then, Knicks fans
will keep hoping and rooting for Woodsanity to be as
successful as Linsanity.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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