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Friday, April 20, 2012

Minnesota Vikings Set To Follow The "Hand Out" Script

Jim Mone, Associated Press

A wise man once said: I know enough to say that
I don't know anything, and in my case this is too
often true, however I know repetition when I see
it. It seems to be that time again, the time when
a team owner tells us of his teams desperate need
for a new stadium or they'll die of obscurity.
They want taxpayers to foot the bill and then
in 20 or 30 years threaten to move again of they
don't get another one, because that new stadium
is now "old".

The Vikings are in a stadium that though it has
had it's issues, that I wont argue, is only 30
years old, and yet today we celebrate the 100th
anniversary of Fenway park. Now, though it is
clear that this is an aberration and a stretch
as to how long a ballpark should be in use, how
about something in the middle, say 40-50 years?

I don't want to pick on the Vikings or their
ownership here, but previous owners have laid
lousy groundwork for them, and have been too
unscrupulous at times to say the very least.
I am going to steal a Tweet from NY Post sports
writer Bart Hubbuch (@NYPost_Hubbuch) who made
a good point when last week on Twitter he said
"If Tom Benson has the cash to buy the Hornets,
why did he need state handouts to keep the Saints
in N.O.? The gall of some NFL owners ......."
I can't disagree with that sentiment. I'm not
saying that Zygi Wilf is one in the same, but I
don't think that taxpayers can afford to fund
another wealthy owner in this tough economic

I'm sorry Mr. Wilf, take out a loan, and build
your own stadium. If this NFL is such a cash
cow then you should have no problem making the
money back. The Vikings are obviously popular
enough that they haven't had a game blacked out
due to lack of a sellout in 15 years. So you
should know that it won't be a money losing
proposition for you, but please double charge
the Minnesota taxpayer by asking for a stadium
and then charge them to come and see a game too.
That's not playing fair with your fans or the
state taxpayers who don't give a damn about your

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