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Monday, July 26, 2010

"Ranting With Rizzo" on WDIS

This weeks show says a little about what can
be done to make sports a little less annoying
for the rest of us. Maybe the folks in charge
of some of this should take a closer look.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Return Of "Ranting With Rizzo"

This past Saturday was the return of my show on 1170am
WDIS in southern Massachusetts. It has a new day and
time, Saturday mornings from 11-11:30 AM right after
my former show "The Sports Round Table". When you
can't catch it on the radio you can tune in live to
WWW.WDISAM.COM or log in here to catch a
replay anytime later that following week. Here is
lats weeks show to get you started, and remember to
write in with your feedback atrizzo or post
a comment here and tune in to here my response. Enjoy !

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup Tidbits

Diego Furlan has been a real star in this tournament,
and even though he's not playing in the final, I'm
glad that we get to see him at least one more time
in South Africa in the 3rd place game. He really
does have game and a killer leg to boot.(No pun

Yes the officiating was bad, BUT, are you really
surprised? It made me mad, scream, yell, bitch
and moan, and yet, I should have expected it.

Landon Donovan was on his game, but the rest of
the team needs to catch up, and when they do
I hope it's not too late for Landon, as World
Cup competition is cruel and old men don't get
to play far past 32. 32? Old ? ? YES, OLD !
The 2016 tourny in Brazil could be the last for him.

With that a note on my Italian WC Champ brethren.
YOU LOOKED OLD, but you'll always be those Champs.

Although it's fair to say that I picked England to
win it all, and I of course rooted for Italy and the
US, I still have teams that I root for to which I
have no connection. The aforementioned England is
one the and the "Oranje Crush" Dutch are another.
Now, though as I have stated previously that is will
be nice to see a new team win the Cup, meaning one
that's never one it before, I am still rooting for
the Netherlands. In my opinion, the Spaniards seem
better, but I'm still waiting for the real Spanish
team that has a history of choking in the WC to
show up, and yes though I know that this is a new
cast of characters, it does somehow play a factor
in teams psyche. This might be the ugliest team
the Dutch have sent in recent history, in style
and talent that is, and with that my head says the
more talented Spaniards will win. Remember the
Dutch have a little history of their own, 0-2 in
WC Finals Championship games. But I think that
the Dutch will do what the Germans failed to, and
that is be more physical, and punish the Spaniards.
They did it to Brazil, and physicality to me has
been a hidden trademark of this tourny, so I expect
it to continue to be a Dutch theme if they are to
throw the more talented Spaniards off, and walk
away with the trophy for the first time.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

MLB All Star Voting. It Never Ends.

If you haven't heard the ads encouraging you
to vote your teams players on to the MLB
All Star roster then you obviously have missed
out on the chance to make your vote count.
Again, and again, and again, etc., etc.
What a JOKE !, as if the All Star game didn't
have enough problems. Who was the Bozo that
thought it would be a good idea to allow fans to
vote for each player up to TWENTY FIVE times ! ?
Baseball is very slowing but surely slipping into
the ranks of WWE, and though it may never fully
reach those depths, it's a shame to even mention
it in the same breathe. It just might be time
for a change at the top, just maybe.