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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eat It And Think

It will be interesting to see, now that the
Celtics are one game away from the NBA
finals if they will eventually accomplish
what the Lakers couldn't a few years back
when the assembled a win right now team
with the likes of Gary Payton, Karl Malone,
and a host of other guns for hire.

Will the game winning hit by Fernando Tatis
in the series finale against the Marlins be just
the catalyst the Mets need to get on a roll, or
is this going to be another stutter step?

Now that the Penguins have finally found the
net against the Detroit Red Wings, how long
do they need to wait before booking their
first tee time?

Looks like the Tampa Rays are gonna hang a bit,
the Orioles are having fun, and the Texas Rangers
are winning different almost every night, their
actually pitching well at times too.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh Woe Is Me

In case your starting to get frustrated at your
baseball teams early season struggles, your not
the only one. There are alot of teams under
performing, and many of them had very high
expectations, but their seem to be just as many
that are doing better than expected, so maybe
this isn't just a coincidence and more likely a
direct effect. Here are some examples.
New York Yankees 23-25
Still think it's Joe Torre's fault?
Cleveland Indians 22-26
They were my pick for WS Champs.
Detroit Tigers 20-28
Where they just over rated?
Seattle Mariners 18-31
Their manager won't make the All Star break.
New York Mets 22-24
Changes need to be made, and changing the
manager may not be the answer you think.
Milwaukee Brewers 22-26
Another hot seat manager, word has it.
Colorado Rockies 19-29
The NL WS rep, but are playing no where like it.
San Diego Padres 18-32
Expectations where certainly better than this.
Tampa Bay Rays 28-20
Did you ever think you'd see the day, Lou Piniella?
Baltimore Orioles 24-23
Traded their ace, but their the ones winning.
Minnesota Twins 24-24
They lost major pieces, but still manage to play hard.
Texas Rangers 25-25
Little known fact: 2 weeks ago the Rangers hierarchy
decided to fire their manager, they never wound up
pulling the trigger, and since then have been on fire.
Florida Marlins 27-20
Unreal !, and since 1984 they have as many WS rings
as the Mets and Tigers combined.
Say what you will, but these numbers are no accident.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's See Take Two

I guess the posts here have been a little less
frequent than some would like so I'll do my best
to try and catch up again, Sorry.
Why don't they just fire Willie Randolph and get
it over already? This is getting just a little too
overdone, but I warn you, you tried to get rid of
Tom Coughlin too, and aren't you glad you didn't?
Game 7 in New Orleans and after getting blown
out three times in that building the Spurs won.
That's why the Spurs are the Spurs, unflappable.
The Knicks got the number six pick in the draft,
GOOD, at least they can't screw up the number
one pick. It's alot easier to do than it looks.
Jason Taylor wants to act after his football career
is over. I think he might get an early start if he
messes with the Tuna. Quick tip, Dancing isn't
the same as acting Jason.
Lance Berkman is hitting an insane .388 with
16 Hr's and 44 Rbi's, that's sick and he's no fluke.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let's See................

OK, it's been too long so there'll be a quick recap here.

Do I really give a rats behind that Joba Chamberlain
is celebrating way too much? Can he freaking try to
accomplish something first?

Have you looked at the standings lately? The Red Sox
trail the Tampa Bay (Remove the DEVIL) Rays, and the
Mets, Braves, and Phillies trail the $22 million payroll
of the Florida Marlins, who by the way to add insult to
injury have more WS Titles than those three teams
combined since 1986 which is when NY won it's last
title, and is before the Marlins even came to be.

Can anyone beat the Detroit Red Wings? Well it
sure doesn't look like it. I can't to see how their
inevitable series vs the Penguins shapes up.

The Celtics are really embarrassing themselves with
their performances on the road. Champs???????

Much deserved notable mention goes to CLIFF LEE
Cleveland Indians Starter 6-0 0.67 ERA 44K 4 BB
All I have to say is WOW

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The "All Black Hole" Team

I Just fugured that since we have an All Star
team, why not recognize those BIG names that
drag a team down and still cost major $$$$$$.

Jason Giambi AB 80 HR 5 RBI 14 AVG .150
Robinson Canó AB 117 HR 3 RBI 8 AVG .154
Frank Thomas AB 104 HR 3 RBI 16 AVG .211
David Eckstein AB 117 H 28 HR1 RBI 11 AVG 239
Eckstein was never really a HR guy but his avg
is certainly not what Toronto bargained for
Nick Swisher AB 108 HR 3 RBI 8 AVG .204
Maybe Billy Beane knows more than we think.
Gary Sheffield AB 82 HR 2 RBI 5 AVG .183
Good thing his mouth still works.
José Guillén AB 121 HR 3 RBI 15 AVG.165
KC gave this guy alot of money.
Kenji Johjima AB95 HR 0 RBI 5 AVG.189
Last years Japanese flavor of the year.
Carlos Delgado AB116 HR 4 RBI 16 AVG .216
Carlos Beltrán AB105 HR 2 RBI 13 AVG .219
Good thing it's buy one Carlos get one free.
Ryan Howard AB119 HR 6 RBI 16 AVG .168
MVP Jinx?
Alfonso Soriano AB84 HR 3 RBI 10 AVG .190
Ken Griffey Jr. AB122 HR 4 RBI 15 AVG.238
His name warrants much more, he healthy.
Adam LaRoche AB102 HR 3 RBI 10 AVG.206
AND he bats cleanup !
Andruw Jones AB105 HR 1 RBI 4 AVG.162
1 for 25 with runners in scoring postion
Khalil Greene AB122 HR 1 RBI 11 AVG.213
Former Phenom, Current Black Hole Member
Trevor Hoffman 0-2 5 Save 2 Blown ERA 6.52
Francisco Liriano 0-3 ERA 11.32
Not the answer to Johan Santana this year.
Barry Zito 0-6 28.2 15BB ERA 7.53
How much did they guive this guy?
Phil Hughes 0-4 IP 22.0 ERA 9.00
Too Early, but Too little
Ian Kennedy 0-2 IP 23.2 ERA 8.37
Octavio Dotel 1-1 IP 9.2 SV O ERA 4.66
Joe Borowski 0-2 IP 4.0 SV 2 ERA 18.00
Topping out at 82mph lately, Ugh !
C.C. Sabathia 1-5 IP 38.1 ERA 7.51
Certainly not good in a contract year
Dontrelle Willis 0-0 IP 5.0 ERA 7.20
Welcome to the AL
Nate Robertson 1-3 ERA 6.82
Justin Verlander W 1-5 ERA 6.28
Rounds out the dismall Tigers trio.
Ted Lilly 2-4 ERA 5.97
They're counting on him though.
Bronson Arroyo 1-4 ERA 8.63
At least he won't pine for a WS Ring
Matt Morris 0-4 ERA 9.67
2008 Salary is $10,037,283, UNREAL

Monday, May 5, 2008

I Apologize.......................

You fill in the blank. Well I guess it's as
good as the Roger Clemens apology, no?
I mean, I'm sure I've wronged, so why not?
Roger released a statement apologizing for
past indiscretions, but what, you fill in the
blank. I guess that's as good a cop out as
any, I mean Jason Giambi got away with it
so why not Clemens. I'm sure Debbie
Clemens is going to demand a little more
than that back handed attempt at I'm sorry.