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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Ranting With Rizzo" Replay

Another week another show, and this week
I'm a little ticked off at the NFL Union
or what was the NFL union. Let me know
what you think.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

End Of The Curse? ? ?


Back in January I wrote a piece that detailed
how it's possible that their is a "curse" on
the Schottenheimer family. The Schottenheimer's
have never won a Championship of ANY KIND.
Kurt, Brian, and most notably Marty have coached
on three levels and nothing, zip, nada, zilch.

Brian and his uncle Kurt have been in both the
pro ranks and the college level, and though Marty
never coached college ball in any capacity, he
did play/coach with the Expansion and now defunct
WFL(World Football League), and again just a
reminder, NOTHING. So the news that Marty has
taken over as GM and Head Coach of the Virginia
Destroyers of the UFL (United Football League)
comes as no surprise, but could prove to be quite
embarrassing if Marty doesn't make it work, and
win a trophy there. The UFL only has 5 teams,
and even Jim Fassel has won their Championship,
not once but twice! Their only two seasons as
a matter of fact. First season when they were a
4 team league and the second when they expanded
to their present 5 team alignment. So what will
that say about the curse if he doesn't get the
job done on that level? Heck, the league is so
desperate for survival and notoriety that they
even gave Jerry Glanville a job as head man of
the Hartford Colonials. I hope hope Marty
understands that if this is the way to get back
into the NFL coaching ranks, he's gonna need to
bring home the bacon, and bring it home BIG TIME!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

At least that's what Ichiro says by donating
a nice chunk of his salary to Japan in their
time of need. I know this story on Yahoo
sports is a few days old already, but it
definitely bears repeating. Nice job on
his part, and let's not forget guy like him.

Monday, March 21, 2011

"Ranting With Rizzo" Replay

Last weeks show is here for you listening
pleasure. I hope ! Lots to talk about,
and little time to squeeze it in.
If you like the show recommend it to your
friends, we could always use some new blood !
Email us at to get your
questions or comments read on the air.

A Legend In Our Time

If you like to watch football even when it's
not football season, and old film of your
teams history and NFL legends are a good reason
to sit in front of the TV, then you know Steve
Sabol. Many of you like myself have heard that
Sabol has taken ill, and again like myself may
not be fully aware of his entire situation.
I came across this story on Yahoo sports today
and wanted to make sure everyone got the chance
to know it and Sabol a little better.
My prayers go out to him and his family, I hope
yours do too.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nice Story, BUT !

On LA there is a heartwarming story
of how a former coach for the LA Clippers
Kim Hughes was diagnosed with prostate cancer
and his medical coverage with the Clippers
wouldn't cover his surgery. The insurance with
the Clippers wouldn't cover his surgery? ? ?
HUGE Surprise, no? The story goes on to say
that he would elect to pay for it himself, and
when news of this got out, a few players
including Corey Maggette, Chris Kaman, Elton
Brand and Marko Jaric offered to help.
Now personally that is GREAT!, but to make a
big deal over them paying about $70,000 for his
surgery is probably the wrong direction to go
here. These four guys make a combined 44.4
million dollars in 2011 alone, not to mention
any other unnamed players in this story, so
why is them coming up with the 70k more of a
story than that dirt bag owner Donald Sterling
having too cheap a medical insurance to save
this mans life? Don't get me wrong, these guys
did an awesome thing, and it's true that there
is way too much negativity in the press, but
70,000 was probably not a huge sum to Kim
Hughes either. According to the story the
Clippers didn't respond to the ESPN story,
but truth is there phones were probably
disconnected, and there not due for internet
service until 2055, so they may not even know
the story ran anyway. When players like Adrian
Peterson whine about money, and modern day
slavery it really shows the bad side of some
athletes, and this story showed the good,
the real good side, but some owners like
Donald Sterling make Peterson look like in
that moment of insanity/stupidty, he may have
had a point, no matter how stupid the comment

Monday, March 14, 2011

USFL News on "Ranting with Rizzo"

This weeks show features an interview with
Michael Dwyer, the man who is spearheading
a staunch effort to make sure "The New USFL"
makes its long awaited return. We talk,
the L.A. market, NFL labor strife, and what
mistakes the USFL won't make this time.

Enjoy the Show !

Friday, March 11, 2011

Programming Note

This Saturday on "Ranting with Rizzo" my
special guest is Michael D. Dwyer, Chairman
and Founder of "The New United States Football
League" or USFL as it is affectionately known
to their fans. Tune in at Noon to 1170AM
WDIS or WDISAM.COM for the internet stream
of the show.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking Sides

I've been seen in the past as taking the
side of the players, but I've also been known
to side with the owners on many occasions as
well, and after following the Carson Palmer
story in Cincinnati for a little while, I knew
it was time to pick a side once again.

A few weeks back on my radio show "Ranting
with Rizzo" on WDIS, I defended the New York
Knicks acquisition of Carmelo Anthony, even
though like many Prima Donna type athletes he
said that he would play for no other team other
than his hometown NY Knicks, and in many ways
demanded a trade to NY. To me, that is where
the similarities end. You see, I had said that
Carmelo went about it the right way in many ways;
he was playing hard, he wasn't whining, and just
as important, he was in the final year of his
contract, so he was under no obligation to re sign
with the Nuggets. Though that type of stance hurts
loyal fans, it's really not too different than when
you change jobs that you've been at for a long time
and the customers that depend on you and love your
work are sorry to see you leave. The other thing
I want to add to the Carmelo Anthony situation which
is something I think holds weight as well, is that
New York is his hometown, and had LeBron left Miami
for Cleveland instead of the other way around, I can
assure you that he would have received much more
support than he does now, and unlike when a player
chooses to go to a team like say the Yankees because
of their deep NY pockets, the contract Anthony got
was no bigger with the NY Knicks than it was with
the Denver Nuggets.

Clark Judge of CBS in his column the
other day mentioned that two sources he was very
confident in said that Carson Palmer "will never, ever,
ever play for the team again." That is unfortunate,
and certainly something Carson should have considered
before signing such a long term deal. Money is not a
question here, he's not looking for a better deal, he
just, for his own reasons does not want to play for
the Bengals ever again, but the fact of the matter is
that he has FOUR more years remaining on his contract,
and unless team owner Mike Brown trades him to another
team, Carson has promised, NOT Threatened, but promised
to retire. He also won't win over many fans nor myself
by saying that he's "got 80 million in the bank" so
he doesn't need to play again. Carson Palmer is 31
years old, and he might make sure he asks a guy like
Tiki Barber who this week announced that at the age of
36 is coming out of retirement, what it's like when time
has passed you by. He may want to ask Tiki why NO ONE
Carson will soon find out that unless he's as
serious as Jake Plummer was, (and we still don't know
whether Jake really doesn't miss the game like he says
or not), there is NO turning back.

We have all at one time or another taken hard line
stances in our lives, whether it was against our parents,
bosses, children, or even society, but not all of them
are the type that there is the "NO TURNING BACK" sign
attached to them. To an athlete, age is one, if not
the most valuable commodity. I think Mike Brown not
only knows this, but is more than willing to make sure
that his Quarterback understands it as well. I for one
have chosen the side of ownership on this. I think that
if Carson Palmer is going to pout, moan and groan, cause
he doesn't get his way. If he is going to take his ball
and go home, then Mike Brown should let him. If this was
the last year of his deal, or even the next to last year,
I could see myself siding with the fact that he might say,
"hey you know what, this isn't working out", but in this
case I say take your $80 million and get lost. Disagree?
Put yourself in the position that you own team X and
this is what's going on. I can assure you that you will
change your tune rather quickly.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Ranting With Rizzo" Replay

Last week "Ranting with Rizzo" had the week off,
so unfortunately their is no replay to post this
week. We will have a brand new show to post next
week or you can tune into 1170AM WDIS in the Norfolk,
MA listening area, and as well for the
live internet stream every Saturday at Noon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Think The Wonderlic Test Is Easy?

It's Easy for us to say that certain jocks who
screwed up the Wonderlic test at the NFL combine
are just dumb jocks, but have any of you ever
taken it? Well I found an example of it on and I took it. I think I did
pretty well, but thought that I had done even
better before I got the results. Think you can
do it? Well do it, get the results and see if
you did better than my 37.5 Be honest about
it. The highest possible Wonderlic score is 50 !

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Sayin, Uh Mispellin' does a great job here in showing us
that just about anyone in this country can
get a job doing Jersey embroidery, and this
certainly doesn't say much for the equipment
managers of some of these teams either.
Enjoy the Slide show: Misspelled Jerseys