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Monday, March 14, 2011

USFL News on "Ranting with Rizzo"

This weeks show features an interview with
Michael Dwyer, the man who is spearheading
a staunch effort to make sure "The New USFL"
makes its long awaited return. We talk,
the L.A. market, NFL labor strife, and what
mistakes the USFL won't make this time.

Enjoy the Show !


Anonymous said...

This interview was a joke because it sounded scripted not to mention Mr. Dwyer was stumbling as he answered and NEVER really gave any specifics.

I had an opportunity to ask him questions through emailing him and he was way too defensive for a guy that is supposedly starting up a new football league.

Until he shows solid proof this is a hoax.

Anonymous said...

I found an interview on the net that Michael Dwyer did back on March 14, 2011 with 1170AM WDIS radio sports personality "Ranting with Rizzo". The host Nick Rizzo says that they had received repeated requests from listeners for a return interview with Michael of the New USFL who is actually a “friend“ of the show. Rizzo stated Michael and the league have made it official they will begin play in the spring of 2012.

Part 1 is just the intro to the show and news on current events that happened in the sports world at that time. The host stated Michael has stopped by (it was actually a cell phone interview) to talk about the NFL situation, the press conference announcing the start of the league, what’s going on with the USFL as far as owners, coaches and the draft etc.

Part 2 is the ACTUAL interview with Michael. It lasts a little under 12 minutes.

There was a part 3 but it was the host recapping the interview that just occurred.

Here are the highlights of the interview itself. Someone please tell me WHERE are the DETAILS of this league ACTUALLY being REAL. The interview was mostly about the NFL lockout, the union and very little substance about the USFL.

They covered topics such as:

1. Michael discusses the league will be structured like the MLS where the USFL will have majority ownership of the teams.

2. No press release date as of yet with details of who the owners, teams, logos etc will be but announced a spring date of 2012. Asked about the draft, Michael says he isn’t concerned about it. He stated December 17th they will have a pool where everyone (owners) will get together and they will have to draw for the draft. This will be done for the first season only.

Note: Remember Michael has made it official they will kickoff March 2012.

3. Was asked if all the owners were in place yet? He stutters and says “Uhh, you know what uhh. I, I hate to say that until everybody has been (inaudible) and the checks have been there and uhh, uhh, I, I wouldn’t say that”.

Note: AGAIN remember Michael has made it official they will kickoff March 2012.

4. Discusses in length about his ownership in the LA Franchise and playing in Cal State Fullerton stadium but mostly talks about former teams that have played in LA market and other potential NFL teams moving there.

5. USFL Hall of Fame or in his words “Hall of Honor”.

6. Talks about how no owner will be allowed to have their egos ruin the league (indirectly referencing Donald Trump).

7. Final questions was asked by the host: “Do you think they will be any surprises on the ownership level? . . . . . . . . . . Will anybody be surprised that one or two of the owners who have taken on a USFL Franchise?

That’s it! Part 3 was the host discussing the interview he just did with Michael saying he missed a couple of questions such as asking Michael his take on the NFL Union decertifying itself. Rizzo stated if he was not mistaken Michael has a little bit of a legal background and might be a lawyer but he wasn’t sure.

The host said he was intrigued not only about the USFL Hall of Fame but the minor leagues that could help them. He stated they went too long in the interview so they wouldn’t be doing listener emails. He then ends the show.

Sorry but once AGAIN Michael has no substance here and when pressed for a direct answer he bails out. You can judge the interview for yourself below.