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Monday, October 31, 2011

NFC West Or The NFL's Worst?

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Though it true the NFC Worst, uh West no longer has
a winless team in its ranks, this far excuses it
from stinking up the joint. Remove a rejuvinated
49er team ,and the combined winning percentage of
the remaining three is .190. If you combined the
number of wins of Seattle, Arizona, and St. Louis
they would still have TWO less wins than the six
San Francisco currently holds. I picked the Rams
to win this division, so I didn't see this coming,
so it's a good thing they got a fresh, shiny, brand
new Championship in that city to take their minds
off the misery that was supposed to be the Rams
breakout year. For all the talk that is/was Kevin
Kolb, and mind you I never believed it, what is
this 1-6 record they are sporting? Seattle I
thought brought the NFL and pro football to a new
low last season when they won the division with
a sub .500 record at 7-9, but there is no shot
that there will be a repeat of that this year.
I just don't get how parity is the constant theme
in the NFL and these three can't seem to be at
least mediocre. I thing I can tell you for sure
though: there could be at least one more victory
in that division this week, the Rams face the
Cardinals. They could of course always end in a
tie, so no guarantees.

Thank You Al Davis !

Ranting With Rizzo Replay 10-31-11

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Who Could "Suck For Luck" And Go Winless?


For the purpose of this article, and the fact
that this is only the end of week seven of the
2011 NFL season, I will answer that question,
but, only including the Colts and Dolphins as
real suitors to get the number one overall pick
in the 2012 NFL Draft. Keep in mind that this
could all be for nothing, in that Andrew Luck,
the "Luck" in the "Suck for Luck" campaign, is
a Junior at Stanford and could, won't, but could
go back to school for another year if he chooses
to do so. Also keep in mind that the Vikings and
Rams knocked themselves back by winning today,
but they should have won weeks ago, so that was
no surprise.

I peeked ahead and looked and the remaining nine
games for both teams, and no they do not play
each other. Keep in mind that going 0-16 is just
about as tough as going 16-0, only one team has
done it on either side, the 0-16 Detroit Lions,
and the 16-0 New England Patriots. Detroit has
Matthew Stafford to show for it, and the Patriots
nothing, so it may very well be true that going
0-16 is more profitable. Keeping that in mind,
I believe that both the Colts and the Dolphins
are better than that winless Lions team, and are
more likely of winning at least one game.
Winning a game won't knock you out of contention
to draft Luck, but it will hurt your chances,
because bottom is bottom, and the only thing that
could be worse than 0-16 and not getting a chance
to draft Luck, especially in this new rookie cap
friendly era that is the NFL, but tying for it,
and losing the tiebreaker for worst, Ouch !

The Dolphins best chance at winning a game will
be one of their next three matches. The Chiefs
will be fly to Miami, coming off a short week after
playing on Monday night, and are not really that
good, they just aren't. Washington is really a
shell of the team that was 3-1, but is now 3-4,
and believe it or not were doing better with "Sexy"
Rex Grossman at QB, double Ouch! Finally comes
Buffalo, a good team, and best of the three, but
division games are always tough, and in Miami
anything can happen, after that their schedule is
too tough, but could win their last game at home
vs the Jets if NY doesn't need the game, but they
will, oh yeah, they will.

Next up is Indy, and the Colts are in a spot where
they could actually have Peyton Manning back for a
game or two, I doubt it, but they could. Problem is
that unlike Miami who has played hard, and lost close
ones, as well as "only" being outscored by 59 points,
or 8.375 points per game, the Colts have looked
miserable at times and have been outscored by 131
points, or 18.73 points per game, WOW. To me, the
Colts only shot at winning a game barring the return
of Manning is going to be in two weeks, when they are
home to the Jaguars, and honestly I had to use my
imagination for that one after seeing the type of
effort the Jags are putting forth these days.
They could get lucky, no pun intended, in week 16
against Houston if the Texans don't need the game,
but I doubt that too, Houston won't put it away that
early. No other match up they have leads me to
believe that they could secure a victory, let alone
two, not without Manning, and not unless he is so well
rested that he wants to pull a little Arena Football
double duty and play defense as well.

I'm sure we will revisit the Andrew Luck sweepstakes
once again, the further we get to the finish line,
but right now Miami and Indy are your top ranked
contenders so they are the teams to beat so to speak.

And by the way, I wrote a few weeks ago that the Colts
should trade away the pick if they get it and get a
shiny brand new toy for Peyton if it's determined that
he will be able to play and be healthy once again.
Just Sayin'

Thank You Al Davis !

Sunday, October 30, 2011

NFL Stone Cold Locks 2011 Week 8

The record is 18-3, but to me that is soiled by
the fact that last week I went 2-1, and that's
not much of a LOCK. In the only game I lost I
said "Ravens can only defeat themselves in this
one", and I was wrong because the Jaguars actually
did what they had to do, and beat the Ravens.
Nice job by Jack Del Rio and his staff.
This weeks picks look to take me back to a much
more positive result, let's see:

1. Baltimore - They can't lose two straight, can they?
2. San Francisco - Cleveland looks bad, real bad.
3. Tennessee - I have no other choice, hope I'm right.

Thank You Al Davis !

Saturday, October 29, 2011

College Football Games To Keep An Eye On

AP Photo

Checking out the schedule this weekend, you might
see that there are a few games of interest on tap.
Here are a few that could provide a decent amount
of entertainment if you're a college footbale fan.
Aside from the #1 vs #2 we will get next weekend
with LSU ALabama, here are a few to watch.

1. Michigan St vs Nebraska
Can the Spartans keep up the momentum on the road?
2. Illinois vs Penn St.
Penn St needs it, but will the Illini lose 3 straight?
3. West Virginia vs Rutgers
Rutgers has lost 2 games by a total of 4 points, here
they have chance to beat a ranked team
4. Oklahoma vs Kansas State
Big for Oklahoma, HUGE for Kansas State
5. Georgia vs Florida
Could mean Georgia Coach Mark Richts job
6. Stanford vs. USC
Do I really need to write anything here?

Enjoy the Football !

Thank You Al Davis !

Would You Give Albert Pujols 300 Million Dollars

Photo: RedBirdRants

Well if you want him on your team, that's probably
what he and his agent are going to be looking for.
Keep in mind that he turned down a nine year 200
million dollar contract at the beginning of this
season. Also keep in mind that he turns 32 in
January, coupled by the fact that his numbers have
all dropped in the last three years. His numbers
were great this year after a miserable start, and
yet what will they be in three more years at the
advanced age of 35? He has shown his glove to be
a detriment, and it couldn't have been more glaring
than it was in the 2011 World Series. His home
run numbers have dropped by an average of five per
year in the last three seasons (47, 42, 37), his
rbi numbers have dropped by an average of 18 in
that same span (135, 118, 99), and his average over
the past four seasons has seen a tumble of 58 points
(.357, .327, .312, .299) to fall below .300
I can hear many of you now shouting "I'll take that!"

Yankees fans might be the first to say we want him,
but their memories are short, and only need to look
as far as A-Rod who will struggle to perform to the
size of his contract for the remaining 6 seasons
at an average of about 28 million per year.
A-Rod is 36 years of age, and though many will say
that the reason for his bad numbers are injuries,
injuries are just another way to say "AGE".

Enjoy the World Series victory Cardinals fans, you've
won two with Pujols, and been to three, you got your
moneys worth out of him now don't be stupid and
grossly overpay for past performance. I'm a big fan
of giving a player a little extra for what he's done
for you in the past, but what Albert his people will
be asking is just plain insanity. Step back, think
it over, and use your head, don't make a foolish and
rash decision. With all that said, someone will do
it anyway, and it will give me more to write about
and you more to biatch about. Mark this down, this
is a bad idea, Period.

Thank You Al Davis !

Friday, October 28, 2011

Texas Rangers Outfielders Killing Championship Hopes

AP Photo

It surprises me that so little was made over
the fact that Nelson Cruz misplayed what should
have been the final out in the ninth inning
today, and then tonight the Texas outfield once
again fails to cut off the game tying single in
the bottom of the first. Daniel Murphy has got
to cut that ball off in the gap. Right now this
could be a tie game instead of Texas trailing by
a run. Every run counts and the Cards just won't
go away, making Tony LaRussa look like the genius
he isn't. You hate to criticize a guy like Cruz
who has had such a tremendous post season at the
plate, but he could very well be the reason they
lose this series. The Rangers will look back at
this with many regrets if this series gets away
from them. Can you say Buffalo Bills?

Thank You Al Davis !

Did The Raiders Win By Losing?

Courtesy: P A Patterson

Just a thought: The Oakland Raiders lost three
players this off season to free agancy who were
arguably three of their best at their respective
positions. Nnamdi Asomougha (Eagles), Robert
Gallery (Seahawks), and Zach Miller (Seahawks).
The Raiders going into their bye week are 4-3,
the teams these three went to are 4-8 combined,
each are 2-4, and though Eagles were supposed to
be the next great team, I knew the Seahags were
going nowhere. I don't blame Asomougha for their
lack of success, though Eagles fans would blame
Mary Poppins if they could, but did the Raiders
get better by losing out on some of their better
playes? Sometimes you gotta wonder.

Thank You Al Davis !

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mad Stork Sports with Nick Rizzo

In case you missed the show last night on Scatterradio,
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did JaMarcus Russell At One Time Occupy Oakland?

Yes, at one time Jamarcus Russell did occupy Oakland,
and his only cause was his own pocket. He has very
little to do with the occupy Oakland folks that are
out there right now. He would like you to believe
that in Oakland he was a victim, not of the Raiders
organization, but of sleep apnea. I am as much a
bleeding heart as the next guy, but I'm having a
hard time buying this. If Jamarcus was in any way
medically at a disadvantage, his time there would
have been much more understood, and likely treated,
but this is the guy who got busted with the "Purple
Drank" (cough syrup with Codeine), a little bit of
something college kids tend to use at times to get a
buzz on. This to me does not sound like someone who
has a medical problem, but more like an addiction
problem. Now JaMarcus wants back into the NFL and
we hear about this apnea he had, perhaps a good
fallback of an excuse to justify his miserable
performance as the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft.
I for one am not buying, some may, but it will take
a little more than an SI article, and sob story to
convince me that this was in any way the case for
his disastrous time in Oakland. I wish him luck,
but am certain that he will never be a successful
QB in the NFL ever again, not with his work ethic.

Thank You Al Davis !

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Terrel Owens NFL Workout For No One

AP/Photo/ Matt Salmons

I guess with all that Terrel Owens did to alienate
people, you could still say that he was popular at
one point, and that was when he worked his butt off
to after a brutal leg injury while with the Eagles,
and then managed to have a significant Super Bowl
performance against a defense and coach that knew
how to stop people like Owens. Owens worked his
tail off and came back ahead of schedule, and even
though you could say that he probably had pissed
off the 49ers enough to get rid of him and the
Ravens for refusing a trade Baltimore, at the very
least he still had some fans, but that's probably
when it started to snowball in a very bad way down
hill. His services were in demand alright, but his
primadonna attitude was wearing people out one city
at a time.

What athletes like T.O. don't realize, is that when
your skills start to diminish, and age sets in, then
you get a day like today, where you work out to show
teams what you got, and no one shows up because no
one really cares. In a way this saddens me, and not
because I'm a fan of Owens or anything , but because
of all rumors in recent years of T.O. and his supposed
suicide attempts, and I just hope they are just that,
rumors. Randy Moss is starting to see the same thing,
yeah he might say he retired, but no one was knocking
his door down either. He cried like a little school
girl when Belichick and the Patriots broke up with
him, and was subsequently passed around the league
for scrap until they realized he was used up as well.

Players like this will never ever cease to exist, but
they can avoid all this by realizing that they are a
perishable commodity, and when their time is up, their
time is up. They will be used, and passed around like
a rag doll, and though they think they have the upper
hand because they're getting PAID, at the end of the
day they will rot just like those raspberries you
bought last week and forgot in the back of the fridge.

Coaches can coach well onto their 60's, GM's can work
into their 70's, and Owners have no expiration date,
but no mater how good a CBA your union negotiates for
you, they can't save you from yourself, and you will
technically expire before you hit 40, and you will be
called OLD, when most people still have to go their
day job for another 20+ years. Yesterday T.O. found
out just the beginning of how cruel time combined
with a lousy attitude can be.

Thank You Al Davis !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Does This Schottenheimer Championship Bode Well For Brian And The Jets?

Antonelli/NY Daily News

Since I am probably the first person to bring the
Schottenheimer curse to your attention, I think
it's only fair that I mention that it may have
ended on Friday. If you consider winning a UFL
(United Football League) Championship a legit
Championship that is. Marty is the first member
of the Schottenheimer family to be part of a
Championship of "any" kind. This list includes
brother Kurt, special teams coordinator for the
UFL Champion Virginia Destroyers, and son Brian,
Offensive Coordinator of the NY Jets.

I guess you could say it was a two for one since
they were both on the staff of the Destroyers,
but was this really a Championship? The League
started with 5 teams but only wound up playing
four when the Hartford Colonials had money issues
and had to suspend operations prior to the season
starting. The season had to start late due to
money issues, and end early for the same reason.
The played 4 games out of a 6 game schedule,
that's right a SIX game schedule, and the game
was played at Virginia, not a neutral site.
So I guess a Trophy is a trophy, but if they
have to chip in a few dollars a piece to buy
one, then they may have to put there foot down.
Congrats Marty, you are truly worthy of this
Championship, it's got Schottenheimer clan
written all over it.

Thank You Al Davis !

Jaguars Humble Ravens To Dispel Rumors Of Elite Status

AP Photo/Nick Wass

The Ravens opened their season with a convincing
and impressive beating of the Steelers only to lay
an egg vs the Titans the following week, and all
that was kind of forgiven once the Titans justified
it by improving to 3-2 before flopping themselves
yesterday and coming back to earth to even their
record at 3-3. That lose could easily have been
seen as a hiccup, but in a game that they clearly
should have dominated in front of a national audience,
against a rookie QB, a coach with one foot out the
door, and a stadium that rarely gets more than 25k,
and facing a 1-4 team no less, the Ravens managed to
not only lay a goose egg, but couldn't get a single
1st down in the first half. The Ravens along with
Jack Del Rio have now given the rest of the league
a blueprint on how to stop the Baltimore offense.
To add insult to injury, not only did they amass
0 first downs in the first half, but that was with a
total of 16 yards gained and they wouldn't get that
1st first down until just over 5 minutes remained in
the third quarter. The Ravens defense got pushed
around, a true oddity, and Joe Flacco did not look
like a quarterback that could lead his team to a
championship. Give the Jaguars and Jack Del Rio full
credit, they won the game, Baltimore did not lose this
game. The game plan was solid and executed perfectly,
that's all a coach can ask for. What will John
Harbaugh ask for this week?

Thank You Al Davis !

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ranting With Rizzo Replay 10-24-11

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No McFadden & A Rusty Palmer Make For Disaster

Robert Beck/SI

The Raiders lost this game to the Chiefs way before
they realized it. Darren McFadden played just one
series before he sat out the rest of the game with
a sprained foot, and though many Raider fans could
and will blame Kyle Boller for this disastrous
result Sunday, the truth is, Hugh Jackson is right,
Jackson lost this game. Too much trickery, not
enough defense, and too much Kyle Boller. Boller's
only job Sunday once Jackson realized that Carson
Palmer just wasn't going to have enough time to be
ready for live action against a real NFL, should
have been to simply manage this game to a victory.
Boller and Palmer combined for 6 picks, 3 a piece,
but at least Palmer had an excuse. Down 14-0 the
Raiders showed how much Jackson was pressing by going
for it on 4th and goal on the one inch line, without
a QB on the field and failing to make it from that
same spot on 3rd down. I think that play is going
to do for Jackson the same thing going for it on 4th
down at the end of last weeks game did for him last
week, keep him up all night, and it should, but as
long as he learns fro it, the Raiders will be fine,
because Jackson is the right guy for this job, and
KC can expect a little payback if the chilly handshake
between Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley is any indication.
Last weeks end of game hand shake between Jim Harbaugh
and Jim Schwartz made plenty of headlines over how
over the top and loud it was, but this one was eerily
quiet and frigid, it spoke volumes. The Raiders
meet the Chiefs again on Christmas eve, and I cab
guarantee that the holiday spirit will definitely not
be in the air.

Thank You Al Davis !

Sunday, October 23, 2011

NFL Stone Cold Locks Week 6

My record is 16-2, that I like, but these easy games
get tougher as the year progresses, good thing this
week looks like I won't have a hard time spotting them.

1. Dallas - Cowboys desperate, and Rams are looking at 2012
2. Saints - Sean Peyton can coach from Mars in this one
3. Ravens - Ravens can only defeat themselves in this one.

Thank You Al Davis !

Saturday, October 22, 2011

College Football Worth Looking At

As you turn to check out the schedule this weekend, you
might find that there are quite a few games that aren't
really anything you're interested in, but because of this
you might also find yourself skipping a couple of games
that could provide a decent bang for your buck as far as
time invested is concerned. Aside from the typical #1
vs #2 is concerned, here are a couple worth scoreboard

1. Illinois vs Purdue
(Illinois can still save their BCS season hopes)
2. Air Force vs Boise St.
( Air Force won't be a pushover here)
3. Penn State vs Northwestern
(Is Penn State's 5-1 legit?)
4. Wisconsin vs Michigan State
(Wisconsin in danger of Getting their 1st loss here)
5. Washington vs Stanford
(Lots of offense and suspense expected)
6. SMU vs. Southern Miss
(Both teams 5-1 with hopes of a decent bowl bid)
7. USC vs Notre Dame
(Huge rivalry matchup for both teams)

Thank You Al Davis !

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ryan Leaf & Jerome Harrison: What's Wrong Here?

As I wrote in an earlier piece, Jerome Harrison was lucky
enough to find out by accident that he has a brain tumor.
Ryan Leaf happens to share this very same fate right now,
and whether or not you think he was an awful waste of
talent or just simply a douche bag, that doesn't matter.
What matters is that we should all hope he makes it ok.
I was one of those idiots that thought he should have
been picked ahead of Peyton Manning, Doh!, and as dumb
as that seems today, I still believe that had Ryan Leaf
applied himself, I wouldn't look like such a huge dummy
today, wrong maybe, but not like huge dummy. It isn't
always just about football, and I'm happy to be wrong
about his life on the field so long as I don't have to
write about this 35 year old guy who lost an even bigger
battle, one to brain cancer. Let's hope both he and
Jerome he make it, I know I do.

Thank You Al Davis !

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jerome Harrison And His Dream Team Miracle

Jerome Harrison had to feel pretty crumby that he was traded
from the 5-1 Lions, to the underachieving "Dream Team" Eagles
for Jahvid Best last Tuesday, but I guarantee you that he is
one big time Eagles fan today. The trade was voided, but that
is not why he's a fan, and he's probably more of a fan of their
medical staff than any player on that team bar none.
Maybe you know this, and maybe you don't, but the trade was
voided after Harrison failed his physical and that may have
saved his life. Had Harrison not been traded it's hard tow
say when his next full physical would have been, and chances
are he had just had one prior to the start of the season, but
since then much had apparently changed, because the Eagles
doctors found something very wrong, Harrison had a brain tumor.
You may have know before you read this that the trade was
voided because he failed his physical, but if you didn't know
why then you missed the best part of the story, and I for one
am glad they caught this and increased Jerome's chances at
beating this. Way to go Eagles, way to go Jerome!

Thank You Al Davis !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ranting With Rizzo Replay 10-19-11

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Carson Palmer & The Raiders Stir It Up

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I wrote a piece a few months back stating how I felt
that Carson Palmer should not be rewarded for his
stance on demanding a trade, and that when a player
like Palmer signs a contract he should realize just
what that signature really means. I still feel that
way, probably always will. Unfortunately today his
demands were met, sort of. Yes he was traded, and
yes that's what he wanted, but perhaps since he
wasn't the only one rewarded, it doesn't seem like
giving in. You see, in this case Mike Brown, owner
of the Bengals, the man who didn't want to give in
to Palmer was also rewarded, and even though it's not
what he may have been angling for, at least he got
something for his aggravation, a 1st round pick in
the 2012 NFL draft, and at least a 2nd round pick
in the 2013 draft (It becomes a 1st rounder as well
if the Raiders win one playoff game). This is a
bonanza of a reward, especially since 1st round
draft picks going forward will be more affordable
according to the new CBA, and Brown is one frugal
SOB. The Bengals are 4-2, so they are no worse
off without Palmer, and he's now the Raiders to
deal with.

The Raiders get rewarded as well. Their QB just
got knocked out for a minimum of 6 weeks, and at
4-2 they don't want to waste any chance they might
have of going to the playoffs for the first time in
8 years. They did nothing wrong here, so no reason
they can't be rewarded, especially if they are
paying such a high price to get him. The Raiders
also did former boss AL Davis proud by pulling off
a deal that has "Just Win" written all over it,
and why not, isn't that the name of the game?

Getting back to Carson though, it's a shame that
he gains anything here. Players should not be
in any way rewarded for this type of behavior.
Lead by example, be a man of your word, you sign
a contract, honor it. Teach our youth a little
something, your word is everything in life,
with out it you have nothing. Don't get me wrong
as a lifelong Raiders fan, this is a good day for
me, I just don't think it's a good day morally
speaking, and that should mean something too.

Thank You Al Davis !

Monday, October 17, 2011

NFL Coaching Hot Seat, The Early Odds

Charles Trainor Jr - Miami Herald

1. Tony Sparano - this ones easy, ownership is/was
in love with Jim Harbaugh and now that they see what
he's out west, Owner Stephen Ross has to be seething
at missing out. Sparano wasn't given a real shot for
2011 anyway. He is far and away the first coach to go.

2. Jack Del Rio - not far behind Sparano, but he actually
has a shot a surviving, I just don't think it will happen.
Del Rio gambled and got rid of Garrard just before the
start of the season and hoped that it might work for
him like the last time he did the same thing and got rid
of Byron Leftwich in favor of Garrard. Problem is owner
Wayne Weaver had a win now ultimatum prior to the start
of the season, and even though cutting loose Garrard
saved him $3 million, attendance is so bad that it may
not matter.

3. Todd Haley - Was my early season favorite after
getting out scored 98-10 to start 2011, but has since
salvaged a couple of wins. He's way too cocky for someone
who has accomplished absolutely nothing. I thought he
would be gone by week eight, but here he is.

4. Jim Caldwell - I actually think he's moved into a tie
for third with Haley. Yes, it's true, no Peyton Manning,
but in all fairness, if you can't win games, you aren't
that good of a coach. Owner Jim Irsay may save him,
but he should probably go.

5. Leslie Frazier - Blame Donovan McNabb all you want,
he's still the head coach, and he may prove to be one
of those guys whos best days are as a coordinator, and
nothing more. He probably gets another, but how he
finishes will be the key.

Honorable mention:
Steve Spagnuolo - 0-5, third year, I think they were
expecting more this year

Ken Whizenhunt
- Kevin Kolb, veteran team, 1-4, bad job

Lovie Smith - If they don't make the playoffs it might
just be time for a change

Tom Coughlin - 4-2 yes, but how will they finish?

Rex Ryan - Team starting to look BAD again, can that
mouth cash his check? Schottenheimer more likely to
be the sacrificial lamb here.

Thank You Al Davis !

World Series Sees The Cardinals Return

This World Series birth for the St. Louis Cardinals
is eerily similar to when they won it all in 2006.
The Cardinals had no real business be in it then,
and in a way if it wasn't for the collapsing Braves,
and the under achieving Phillies, they would have
no business being in it now. This is their third
appearance in 8 years, and Tony LaRussa just keeps
finding ways to stick his foot in it. There is no
way they get away from paying Albert Pujols now.
The Rangers better pull out all the stops, this
isn't going to be easy, only Francona and Piniella
have had much luck against LaRussa teams, and they
had to make sure and sweep em to make it stick.

Thank You Al Davis !

Sunday, October 16, 2011

NFL Is For Sissies?, Yeah, Maybe Not

Brian Blanco / AP Sports

So Jason Campbell breaks his collarbone and is
out for the season. Raiders are kinda screwed.

Jim Harbaugh nearly knocks over Jim Schwartz on
his way to shake his hand and Schwartz nearly
knocks his block off chasing him down to get an
apology and explanation. I like Harbaugh, but
he needs to ratchet it down half a notch.

Sean Payton tears his MCL and fractures his knee,
and then coaches from a bench on the sideline.
So painful he could barely leave the stadium.
Wow, it's not like he needs to worry about job
security with the Saints, hey find a hospital
or something, huh.

Bucs DB coach Jimmy Lake tore patellar tendon
in the same game as Payton celebrating INT.
These damn celebrations are getting out of

Did I miss anyone? Concussions?

On a much sadder note, I wish to extend my
condolences to Dan Weldon's family, R.I.P.

Thank You Al Davis !

NFL Stone Cold Locks 2011 Week 5

Me & Al Davis October 7th 1990, 21yrs and 1 day before his death

Last week in an emotional moment I laid all my
eggs in one basket and used all three of my
picks on the Oakland Raiders, and though this
is not the norm, nor something I ever expect
to do again, it is something I will give myself
a pass on just this once. The record stands at
13-2, and looking continue last weeks momentum,
so here goes:

1. Pittsburgh (Del Rio on his last legs)
2. Philadelphia (Scene of Vick's post jail resurgence)
3. Cincinnati (I'm reaching here)

Al Davis, Jim Otto & Their Wives leaving Buffalo Hotel
October 1990 prior to a Sunday Night Game vs Bills

Thank You Al Davis !

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Clear These NFL Teams Need Help, Right?

It's true that sometimes you need stuff to write about,
so what you do right about is a bit of a reach, but
after reading Jason Cole's article on Yahoo Sports about
who should get traded before the NFL trade deadline,
he left me wondering, are there only seven teams in
this league?

The article proposed about 14 trades, and he had all the
players going to either Pittsburgh, New England, Baltimore,
San Francisco, Houston, Washington or San Diego. Does no
one else in the league need help or should only the teams
in or near 1st get any help. I'm not really a writer so
I'm in no real position to critique writing, but you have
to admit, the premise is a little shallow, no?

Thank You Al Davis !

Friday, October 14, 2011

Does Zack Greinke Get It Brewing Tonight ?

For a guy who won an impressive Cy Young with a
bad team, and came over to a so called "weaker"
league, tonight is a big night for Zack Greinke.
Zack may have had a 16-6 record in the regular
season this year, but his 3.83 era left a lot to
be desired when you consider that he doesn't face
the DH anymore and it's ballooned to 8.18 in
the playoffs thus far. I'm a big fan or Zack's
but now that he's come out of his shell far enough
publicly state that Chris Carpenter is a phony,
and the reason he's a Brewer is because he wanted
out of Kansas City, he needs to step up, and there
can no longer be any excuses. He has the stuff,
that much we know, and now is when the big boys
show it, so all eyes are on him tonight, hope he
doesn't wilt under the spotlight.

Thank You Al Davis !

Thursday, October 13, 2011

MLB Post Season & Hottest Stoves

Texas Rangers look like they are ready to right
last years wrong, and go back to the World Series
and win it this time. It will be interesting to
see if they can accomplish it this year, but no,
I am not counting Detroit out, but 3-1 will be
hard to come back from, it's been done, but that
doesn't mean it was ever easy.

Speaking of three one Milwaukee needs to stay
away from that hole with the St. Louis Cardinals
now in front 2-1, if they have any intentions of
making use of Prince Fielder for the remainder
of this post season. LaRussa = Smoke & Mirrors

Terry Francona is gone and may have been distracted
by pain killers in 2011, Theo Epstein is looking to
make lightning strike twice by signing with the Cubs,
Josh Beckett and John Lackey were drinking beer in
the clubhouse during games, David Ortiz is open to
playing for the Yankees, and CC Sabathia "may" opt
out of the final years of his deal with the New York
Yankees, Hmmmmm, just another ho hum off season for
Major League baseball I guess. I wonder were Prince
fielder ends up.

Thank You Al Davis !

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Raider Nation: Congratulations Mike Shananhan...

A story out today by many outlets tells of former
NFL QB Elvis Grbac being ordered by then offensive
coordinator of the 49er's Mike Shanahan to throw a
ball right at Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.
This story though new to me, doesn't surprise me
much. Though it's true that the term "Douche Bag"
is getting a little over used in society these days,
there are quite a few occasions where it applies,
and this is one of them. Congratulations Mike
Shanahan, you sir are a DOUCHE BAG. It is, unlike
so many other honors you've received very well
deserved. Wear it proud, wear it loud, the ultimate
confirmation of your worthiness is now out there
for all the world to see. May you and Lady Al
Michaels live miserable lives together for eternity.

Thank You Al Davis !

Ranting With Rizzo Replay 10-12-11

This week on Ranting with Rizzo the focus was
on the Red Sox, Yankees, Raiders, and Patriots,
and as per usual it was fun, so tune in and send
your thoughts to

Thank You Al Davis !

Tebow, Hillis, & James: The 3 Must C Rears

Courtesy: Sam Laughlin

So Tim Tebow is the starter in Denver now,
hmmmm. Ever think that it's going to take
more than some good quarterback play to get
the Broncos back to winning again? I guess
my next question winds up being, what will
the fans in the Mile High city say if they
still get the same results? Just asking.

So Peyton Hillis asked for a second opinion
on whether he should play or sit? I know he
was born and went to school in Arkansas, and
there are plenty of jokes to be made there,
but I'm sure they had doctors there by the
time he got all grown up and all, did he
think to ask one of them? This is why guys
like him get payed to play and not think,
especially with all the head trauma they
end up with by the end of their careers.

I'm not sure I can give LeBron too much grief
for this, but can we get off this thing about
LeBron' tweet or mention of, that he could be
a wide receiver in the NFL during the lockout?
Really?, Was it a slow news day or something?

Thank You Al Davis !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mad Stork Sports with Nick Rizzo Replay

A taste of what you might get if you tune in
on Wednesday nights to listen to the show on
ScatterRadio is here for your listening pleasure.
I hope you like it, and tune in this week at 6PM.
Thanks !

Thank You Al Davis !

Detroit Lions & Tigers Give City Hope

With Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford doing
their thing for Detroit on Monday Night Football
and the Tigers advancing past the Yankees this
past week, Detroit has plenty to be hopeful about.
Wins aren't going to put food on the table like
jobs and a better economy, but they will help put
a smile on their faces, and that ain't all bad.

Nick Fairly made his debut for the Lions and they
got to be on MNF for the first time in about a
decade, all the while making Jay Cutler run for
his life and joining the Packers as the only two
undefeated teams in the NFL. If both those teams
keep this up their Thanksgiving day match up will
give the fans in Motown plenty to look forward to
before their Turkey hits the table.

The Tigers may be coming home down 0-2, but they
showed Texas that they weren't just going to go
away quietly by taking them to extra innings before
losing game two. Expect the Tigers to give the
folks back home plenty to cheer about, win or lose.
Jim Leyland and the boys certainly will not go down
without a fight, which is exactly what former
professional basketball player and current Mayor
Dave Bing is trying to do with that city, and
if the Lions and Tigers keep this up we'll all be
saying, Oh My.

Thank You Al Davis !

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stone Cold Locks Week 5

Last week I was 2-1 and I'm 10-2 on the season,
certainly not a showing a "Commitment to Excellence"
so far, so this week I will give honor to a man who
did nothing but dedicate himself to EXCELLENCE.

1. Oakland (Just Win)
2. Raiders (Pride & Poise)
3. Oakland Raiders (Commitment to Excellence)

Thank You Al Davis !

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Al Davis Is Dead, Long Live Al Davis!

I am truly and genuinely at a loss for words.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Phillies & Eagles: Nothing But Broken "Dream Teams" So Far

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

With the Phillies dropping out in the 1st
round of the NL Playoffs on Friday night
and the Eagles off to a 1-3 start so far,
and fresh off of blowing a 20-3 halftime
this past Sunday, the city of Philadelphia
is no longer thinking "Dream Team", but
rather realizing that these are nothing
more than broken dreams.

Nothing is guaranteed, and they don't
play these games on paper, just ask the
16-0 New England Patriots.

NY Yankees Are Out, So What!

Ken Murray/NY Daily News

Let the questions begin for all the entitled
Yankees fans across the country: Will Jorge
Posada be a Yankee next year? NO!, he's done,
not only will he not be a Yankee, he won't be
playing anywhere. Is this what A-Rod is going
to be like going forward? YES! you wanted him,
you got him, and now the effects of enhancing
his body and performance take their toll.
Will Derek Jeter ride out into the sunset on
a winning note? Who knows, with that payroll
anything is possible. SPEND SPEND SPEND, feed
the hungru lion. How else can you justify the
over bloated ticket prices? Will Brain Cashman
still be here to fix all of this? Who gives a
rat's ass, really. Any GM in the Major now can
do as good if not better job with that type of
bankroll. Cashman deserves some credit, and yes
it's true that there are a few out the that would
royally screw it up, but I can assure you that
I wouldn't, and not many worth their salt would.

Suck it up Yankee fans, the days of Wine & Roses
are over. No Scott Brosius, No Tino Martinez,
No Paul O'Neill, and the BOSS is dead. Are the
Tigers a better team? YES!, no they don't have
better players, or more superstars, or as big a
payroll, but they are a better TEAM, and by the
way Red Sox fans, now that you've won a couple
stop feeling so f*#king entitled yourselves.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Live Tonight - Mad Stork Sports with Nick Rizzo on Scatterradio

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Ranting With Rizzo Replay 10-5-11

Tons of talk on the Pats and Raiders,
Terry Francona and what it could mean
in the larger picture. Tune In !

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Colts Painter & Buccaneers Blount, All The Difference

Tim Heitman/US Presswire

Last nights game between the Colts and Bucs
wasn't nearly the blowout people expected,
and Reggie Wayne may have had a point when
he called for Curtis Painter to start over
Kerry Collins all along. Wayne argued that
Painter had a much better knowledge of the
system and wasn't doubting whether or not
Collins was more talented but that there
was no way Collins could pick up the Colts
system in just three short weeks. Painter
had a reasonable night with 2 TD's and no
picks while amassing 283 yards. His 13
for 30 at 43% left much to be desired, but
let's face it, he didn't lose this game, the
Colts defense did, or perhaps it was just a
huge dose of Josh Freeman and LeGarrette
Blount that won it. Either way, Curtis
Painter starting another game is not the end
of the world for the Colts, and they look
better now than they did in weeks one and
two. Even though Painter had a slight edge
in QB rating, Freeman did a great job for
the Bucs and he is clearly their future, as
is Blount who racked up 127 yards on 5.1
yards per carry and closed the game out for
Tampa Bay by chewing up yardage by the bushel
down the stretch. Look for Indy and Painter
to win their first game vs KC this week, but
don't count on Tampa to have an easy time
with the 49er's as San Fran comes to town on
a huge high after an impressive and gutsy
victory over the "Dream Team" Eagles on the
road in Philly last Sunday. Perhaps back to
back west coast to east coast flights for the
49er's will give the Bucs just enough of an
edge to eeck out a victory on this short week.

AJ Burnett Will Be NY Yankees Demise

For those of you expecting anything different,
wake up. This isn't going to be a different
version of the bloody sock. It won't endear
Burnett to Yankees fans, and even though he
won't do it, he should definitely consider
what his life OUTSIDE of baseball will be like.

Burnett may get saved tonight if the Tigers
pitcher manages to throw a worse game than him,
but his time in New York has a shorter shelf
life than listeria laced lettuce. There is
practically no way manager Joe Girardi can pull
Burnett fast enough if the pitcher gets himself
into trouble, which he inevitably will, without
either embarrassing Burnett or some sort of
outcry by the fan base, ownership or critics in
some way. AJ Burnett is without question a
skilled and talented pitcher, but these skills
are no longer the question, and never were.
It's all mental, it's all mental stupid.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bobby Thompson, And Ralph Branca Give Birth?

Not exactly, but it is note worthy to point out
that this is the 60th anniversary of the "Shot
heard round the world" which has forever linked
Branca and Thompson, but it just so happens that
almost 1200 miles away on that very same day
another future Hall of Famer was born, Dave
Winfield. Not many know this, but Winfield never
played minor league baseball, and was drafted
by four professional sports teams, the Atlanta
Hawks of the NBA, the Utah Stars of ABA, the
San Diego Padres as a pitcher and the hometown
Minnesota Vikings even though he never played
college football. Winfield is also a member of
the college baseball Hall of Fame, and won the
Big Ten basketball championship in 1972 as a
member of the Minnesota Golden Gophers basketball
team, the school's first in 53 years.
Happy Birthday Winnie !

Too Soon To Bury The NY Jets?, Maybe Not

Most proponents of the NY Jets will tell you
that it is too early to bury or discount the
New York Jets based on what has happened the
last two games, and with that I would tend to
agree. Many teams go through bad stretches,
figure it out, and get back on track, but this
isn't always the case, and with the Jets, it
may not be, and I don't believe it is.

The last two weeks has shown that not only can
they be dominated, but also that they are more
like a 1-3 team, than they are a 2-2 team, and
had it not been for Tony Romo's implosion they
very well would be. Their quarterback play is
much weaker than his GQ cover would have you
believe, and their defense, though above average,
is over rated, and relies more on their coaches
bravado, than actual fact. Beyond the Green Bay
Packers there are no perfect teams in this league,
not the Patriots, not the Steelers, and certainly
not the "Dream Team" Eagles. Though Joe Flacco
did not leave you anymore impressed than Mark
Sanchez, a "Sanchise" Mark is not, and the Jets
are further away from a title this year, than they
or their fans think they are. Bury them? NO, but
don't believe their hype either.