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Monday, October 3, 2011

Too Soon To Bury The NY Jets?, Maybe Not

Most proponents of the NY Jets will tell you
that it is too early to bury or discount the
New York Jets based on what has happened the
last two games, and with that I would tend to
agree. Many teams go through bad stretches,
figure it out, and get back on track, but this
isn't always the case, and with the Jets, it
may not be, and I don't believe it is.

The last two weeks has shown that not only can
they be dominated, but also that they are more
like a 1-3 team, than they are a 2-2 team, and
had it not been for Tony Romo's implosion they
very well would be. Their quarterback play is
much weaker than his GQ cover would have you
believe, and their defense, though above average,
is over rated, and relies more on their coaches
bravado, than actual fact. Beyond the Green Bay
Packers there are no perfect teams in this league,
not the Patriots, not the Steelers, and certainly
not the "Dream Team" Eagles. Though Joe Flacco
did not leave you anymore impressed than Mark
Sanchez, a "Sanchise" Mark is not, and the Jets
are further away from a title this year, than they
or their fans think they are. Bury them? NO, but
don't believe their hype either.

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