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Monday, October 31, 2011

Who Could "Suck For Luck" And Go Winless?


For the purpose of this article, and the fact
that this is only the end of week seven of the
2011 NFL season, I will answer that question,
but, only including the Colts and Dolphins as
real suitors to get the number one overall pick
in the 2012 NFL Draft. Keep in mind that this
could all be for nothing, in that Andrew Luck,
the "Luck" in the "Suck for Luck" campaign, is
a Junior at Stanford and could, won't, but could
go back to school for another year if he chooses
to do so. Also keep in mind that the Vikings and
Rams knocked themselves back by winning today,
but they should have won weeks ago, so that was
no surprise.

I peeked ahead and looked and the remaining nine
games for both teams, and no they do not play
each other. Keep in mind that going 0-16 is just
about as tough as going 16-0, only one team has
done it on either side, the 0-16 Detroit Lions,
and the 16-0 New England Patriots. Detroit has
Matthew Stafford to show for it, and the Patriots
nothing, so it may very well be true that going
0-16 is more profitable. Keeping that in mind,
I believe that both the Colts and the Dolphins
are better than that winless Lions team, and are
more likely of winning at least one game.
Winning a game won't knock you out of contention
to draft Luck, but it will hurt your chances,
because bottom is bottom, and the only thing that
could be worse than 0-16 and not getting a chance
to draft Luck, especially in this new rookie cap
friendly era that is the NFL, but tying for it,
and losing the tiebreaker for worst, Ouch !

The Dolphins best chance at winning a game will
be one of their next three matches. The Chiefs
will be fly to Miami, coming off a short week after
playing on Monday night, and are not really that
good, they just aren't. Washington is really a
shell of the team that was 3-1, but is now 3-4,
and believe it or not were doing better with "Sexy"
Rex Grossman at QB, double Ouch! Finally comes
Buffalo, a good team, and best of the three, but
division games are always tough, and in Miami
anything can happen, after that their schedule is
too tough, but could win their last game at home
vs the Jets if NY doesn't need the game, but they
will, oh yeah, they will.

Next up is Indy, and the Colts are in a spot where
they could actually have Peyton Manning back for a
game or two, I doubt it, but they could. Problem is
that unlike Miami who has played hard, and lost close
ones, as well as "only" being outscored by 59 points,
or 8.375 points per game, the Colts have looked
miserable at times and have been outscored by 131
points, or 18.73 points per game, WOW. To me, the
Colts only shot at winning a game barring the return
of Manning is going to be in two weeks, when they are
home to the Jaguars, and honestly I had to use my
imagination for that one after seeing the type of
effort the Jags are putting forth these days.
They could get lucky, no pun intended, in week 16
against Houston if the Texans don't need the game,
but I doubt that too, Houston won't put it away that
early. No other match up they have leads me to
believe that they could secure a victory, let alone
two, not without Manning, and not unless he is so well
rested that he wants to pull a little Arena Football
double duty and play defense as well.

I'm sure we will revisit the Andrew Luck sweepstakes
once again, the further we get to the finish line,
but right now Miami and Indy are your top ranked
contenders so they are the teams to beat so to speak.

And by the way, I wrote a few weeks ago that the Colts
should trade away the pick if they get it and get a
shiny brand new toy for Peyton if it's determined that
he will be able to play and be healthy once again.
Just Sayin'

Thank You Al Davis !

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