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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tebow, Hillis, & James: The 3 Must C Rears

Courtesy: Sam Laughlin

So Tim Tebow is the starter in Denver now,
hmmmm. Ever think that it's going to take
more than some good quarterback play to get
the Broncos back to winning again? I guess
my next question winds up being, what will
the fans in the Mile High city say if they
still get the same results? Just asking.

So Peyton Hillis asked for a second opinion
on whether he should play or sit? I know he
was born and went to school in Arkansas, and
there are plenty of jokes to be made there,
but I'm sure they had doctors there by the
time he got all grown up and all, did he
think to ask one of them? This is why guys
like him get payed to play and not think,
especially with all the head trauma they
end up with by the end of their careers.

I'm not sure I can give LeBron too much grief
for this, but can we get off this thing about
LeBron' tweet or mention of, that he could be
a wide receiver in the NFL during the lockout?
Really?, Was it a slow news day or something?

Thank You Al Davis !

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