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Sunday, October 16, 2011

NFL Is For Sissies?, Yeah, Maybe Not

Brian Blanco / AP Sports

So Jason Campbell breaks his collarbone and is
out for the season. Raiders are kinda screwed.

Jim Harbaugh nearly knocks over Jim Schwartz on
his way to shake his hand and Schwartz nearly
knocks his block off chasing him down to get an
apology and explanation. I like Harbaugh, but
he needs to ratchet it down half a notch.

Sean Payton tears his MCL and fractures his knee,
and then coaches from a bench on the sideline.
So painful he could barely leave the stadium.
Wow, it's not like he needs to worry about job
security with the Saints, hey find a hospital
or something, huh.

Bucs DB coach Jimmy Lake tore patellar tendon
in the same game as Payton celebrating INT.
These damn celebrations are getting out of

Did I miss anyone? Concussions?

On a much sadder note, I wish to extend my
condolences to Dan Weldon's family, R.I.P.

Thank You Al Davis !

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