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Friday, October 14, 2011

Does Zack Greinke Get It Brewing Tonight ?

For a guy who won an impressive Cy Young with a
bad team, and came over to a so called "weaker"
league, tonight is a big night for Zack Greinke.
Zack may have had a 16-6 record in the regular
season this year, but his 3.83 era left a lot to
be desired when you consider that he doesn't face
the DH anymore and it's ballooned to 8.18 in
the playoffs thus far. I'm a big fan or Zack's
but now that he's come out of his shell far enough
publicly state that Chris Carpenter is a phony,
and the reason he's a Brewer is because he wanted
out of Kansas City, he needs to step up, and there
can no longer be any excuses. He has the stuff,
that much we know, and now is when the big boys
show it, so all eyes are on him tonight, hope he
doesn't wilt under the spotlight.

Thank You Al Davis !

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