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Saturday, October 22, 2011

College Football Worth Looking At

As you turn to check out the schedule this weekend, you
might find that there are quite a few games that aren't
really anything you're interested in, but because of this
you might also find yourself skipping a couple of games
that could provide a decent bang for your buck as far as
time invested is concerned. Aside from the typical #1
vs #2 is concerned, here are a couple worth scoreboard

1. Illinois vs Purdue
(Illinois can still save their BCS season hopes)
2. Air Force vs Boise St.
( Air Force won't be a pushover here)
3. Penn State vs Northwestern
(Is Penn State's 5-1 legit?)
4. Wisconsin vs Michigan State
(Wisconsin in danger of Getting their 1st loss here)
5. Washington vs Stanford
(Lots of offense and suspense expected)
6. SMU vs. Southern Miss
(Both teams 5-1 with hopes of a decent bowl bid)
7. USC vs Notre Dame
(Huge rivalry matchup for both teams)

Thank You Al Davis !

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