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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Detroit Lions & Tigers Give City Hope

With Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford doing
their thing for Detroit on Monday Night Football
and the Tigers advancing past the Yankees this
past week, Detroit has plenty to be hopeful about.
Wins aren't going to put food on the table like
jobs and a better economy, but they will help put
a smile on their faces, and that ain't all bad.

Nick Fairly made his debut for the Lions and they
got to be on MNF for the first time in about a
decade, all the while making Jay Cutler run for
his life and joining the Packers as the only two
undefeated teams in the NFL. If both those teams
keep this up their Thanksgiving day match up will
give the fans in Motown plenty to look forward to
before their Turkey hits the table.

The Tigers may be coming home down 0-2, but they
showed Texas that they weren't just going to go
away quietly by taking them to extra innings before
losing game two. Expect the Tigers to give the
folks back home plenty to cheer about, win or lose.
Jim Leyland and the boys certainly will not go down
without a fight, which is exactly what former
professional basketball player and current Mayor
Dave Bing is trying to do with that city, and
if the Lions and Tigers keep this up we'll all be
saying, Oh My.

Thank You Al Davis !

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