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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Terrel Owens NFL Workout For No One

AP/Photo/ Matt Salmons

I guess with all that Terrel Owens did to alienate
people, you could still say that he was popular at
one point, and that was when he worked his butt off
to after a brutal leg injury while with the Eagles,
and then managed to have a significant Super Bowl
performance against a defense and coach that knew
how to stop people like Owens. Owens worked his
tail off and came back ahead of schedule, and even
though you could say that he probably had pissed
off the 49ers enough to get rid of him and the
Ravens for refusing a trade Baltimore, at the very
least he still had some fans, but that's probably
when it started to snowball in a very bad way down
hill. His services were in demand alright, but his
primadonna attitude was wearing people out one city
at a time.

What athletes like T.O. don't realize, is that when
your skills start to diminish, and age sets in, then
you get a day like today, where you work out to show
teams what you got, and no one shows up because no
one really cares. In a way this saddens me, and not
because I'm a fan of Owens or anything , but because
of all rumors in recent years of T.O. and his supposed
suicide attempts, and I just hope they are just that,
rumors. Randy Moss is starting to see the same thing,
yeah he might say he retired, but no one was knocking
his door down either. He cried like a little school
girl when Belichick and the Patriots broke up with
him, and was subsequently passed around the league
for scrap until they realized he was used up as well.

Players like this will never ever cease to exist, but
they can avoid all this by realizing that they are a
perishable commodity, and when their time is up, their
time is up. They will be used, and passed around like
a rag doll, and though they think they have the upper
hand because they're getting PAID, at the end of the
day they will rot just like those raspberries you
bought last week and forgot in the back of the fridge.

Coaches can coach well onto their 60's, GM's can work
into their 70's, and Owners have no expiration date,
but no mater how good a CBA your union negotiates for
you, they can't save you from yourself, and you will
technically expire before you hit 40, and you will be
called OLD, when most people still have to go their
day job for another 20+ years. Yesterday T.O. found
out just the beginning of how cruel time combined
with a lousy attitude can be.

Thank You Al Davis !

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