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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brewers Brew, Cardinals Can't Fly

Wickerham/Getty Images

Yes anything can happen once you get into
the playoffs, but some years, it is what
is, and this may be one of those years in
the National League. The Diamondbacks have
a 20 game winner whereas the Brewers don't
this is true, but with that one edge now
out of the way, and the fact that no one on
the D-backs has more than 20 hr's, 90 rbi's
or was able to bat over .290 this season,
it's clear that their magic carpet ride will
soon end. Today's 4-1 defeat seems to be
just the beginning of that end.

The Cardinals squeezed into the playoffs with
one giant collapse by the Atlanta Braves, but
I get the feeling that just like the Phillies
didn't roll over for the Braves the last series
of the season, they aren't to play soft or take
it easy on the Cardinals in the first round
either. The Phillies put the pedal to the metal
in game one and the Cards should be grateful
that they only put an 11spot on them, but they
can expect more, and a quick series as well.

Tampa Bay Rays came out with their batting
helmets on, huh?

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