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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jerome Harrison And His Dream Team Miracle

Jerome Harrison had to feel pretty crumby that he was traded
from the 5-1 Lions, to the underachieving "Dream Team" Eagles
for Jahvid Best last Tuesday, but I guarantee you that he is
one big time Eagles fan today. The trade was voided, but that
is not why he's a fan, and he's probably more of a fan of their
medical staff than any player on that team bar none.
Maybe you know this, and maybe you don't, but the trade was
voided after Harrison failed his physical and that may have
saved his life. Had Harrison not been traded it's hard tow
say when his next full physical would have been, and chances
are he had just had one prior to the start of the season, but
since then much had apparently changed, because the Eagles
doctors found something very wrong, Harrison had a brain tumor.
You may have know before you read this that the trade was
voided because he failed his physical, but if you didn't know
why then you missed the best part of the story, and I for one
am glad they caught this and increased Jerome's chances at
beating this. Way to go Eagles, way to go Jerome!

Thank You Al Davis !

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