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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AJ Burnett Will Be NY Yankees Demise

For those of you expecting anything different,
wake up. This isn't going to be a different
version of the bloody sock. It won't endear
Burnett to Yankees fans, and even though he
won't do it, he should definitely consider
what his life OUTSIDE of baseball will be like.

Burnett may get saved tonight if the Tigers
pitcher manages to throw a worse game than him,
but his time in New York has a shorter shelf
life than listeria laced lettuce. There is
practically no way manager Joe Girardi can pull
Burnett fast enough if the pitcher gets himself
into trouble, which he inevitably will, without
either embarrassing Burnett or some sort of
outcry by the fan base, ownership or critics in
some way. AJ Burnett is without question a
skilled and talented pitcher, but these skills
are no longer the question, and never were.
It's all mental, it's all mental stupid.

1 comment:

Ed@spiritssaloon said...

Well I don't know shat happened. It's time for AJ to quiet everybody and get a win. Likely a good thing he is on the road. Earlier I thought yankees win 5-3. Legs see what happens.