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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jaguars Humble Ravens To Dispel Rumors Of Elite Status

AP Photo/Nick Wass

The Ravens opened their season with a convincing
and impressive beating of the Steelers only to lay
an egg vs the Titans the following week, and all
that was kind of forgiven once the Titans justified
it by improving to 3-2 before flopping themselves
yesterday and coming back to earth to even their
record at 3-3. That lose could easily have been
seen as a hiccup, but in a game that they clearly
should have dominated in front of a national audience,
against a rookie QB, a coach with one foot out the
door, and a stadium that rarely gets more than 25k,
and facing a 1-4 team no less, the Ravens managed to
not only lay a goose egg, but couldn't get a single
1st down in the first half. The Ravens along with
Jack Del Rio have now given the rest of the league
a blueprint on how to stop the Baltimore offense.
To add insult to injury, not only did they amass
0 first downs in the first half, but that was with a
total of 16 yards gained and they wouldn't get that
1st first down until just over 5 minutes remained in
the third quarter. The Ravens defense got pushed
around, a true oddity, and Joe Flacco did not look
like a quarterback that could lead his team to a
championship. Give the Jaguars and Jack Del Rio full
credit, they won the game, Baltimore did not lose this
game. The game plan was solid and executed perfectly,
that's all a coach can ask for. What will John
Harbaugh ask for this week?

Thank You Al Davis !

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