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Thursday, October 13, 2011

MLB Post Season & Hottest Stoves

Texas Rangers look like they are ready to right
last years wrong, and go back to the World Series
and win it this time. It will be interesting to
see if they can accomplish it this year, but no,
I am not counting Detroit out, but 3-1 will be
hard to come back from, it's been done, but that
doesn't mean it was ever easy.

Speaking of three one Milwaukee needs to stay
away from that hole with the St. Louis Cardinals
now in front 2-1, if they have any intentions of
making use of Prince Fielder for the remainder
of this post season. LaRussa = Smoke & Mirrors

Terry Francona is gone and may have been distracted
by pain killers in 2011, Theo Epstein is looking to
make lightning strike twice by signing with the Cubs,
Josh Beckett and John Lackey were drinking beer in
the clubhouse during games, David Ortiz is open to
playing for the Yankees, and CC Sabathia "may" opt
out of the final years of his deal with the New York
Yankees, Hmmmmm, just another ho hum off season for
Major League baseball I guess. I wonder were Prince
fielder ends up.

Thank You Al Davis !

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