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Monday, October 3, 2011

Bobby Thompson, And Ralph Branca Give Birth?

Not exactly, but it is note worthy to point out
that this is the 60th anniversary of the "Shot
heard round the world" which has forever linked
Branca and Thompson, but it just so happens that
almost 1200 miles away on that very same day
another future Hall of Famer was born, Dave
Winfield. Not many know this, but Winfield never
played minor league baseball, and was drafted
by four professional sports teams, the Atlanta
Hawks of the NBA, the Utah Stars of ABA, the
San Diego Padres as a pitcher and the hometown
Minnesota Vikings even though he never played
college football. Winfield is also a member of
the college baseball Hall of Fame, and won the
Big Ten basketball championship in 1972 as a
member of the Minnesota Golden Gophers basketball
team, the school's first in 53 years.
Happy Birthday Winnie !

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