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Monday, October 17, 2011

NFL Coaching Hot Seat, The Early Odds

Charles Trainor Jr - Miami Herald

1. Tony Sparano - this ones easy, ownership is/was
in love with Jim Harbaugh and now that they see what
he's out west, Owner Stephen Ross has to be seething
at missing out. Sparano wasn't given a real shot for
2011 anyway. He is far and away the first coach to go.

2. Jack Del Rio - not far behind Sparano, but he actually
has a shot a surviving, I just don't think it will happen.
Del Rio gambled and got rid of Garrard just before the
start of the season and hoped that it might work for
him like the last time he did the same thing and got rid
of Byron Leftwich in favor of Garrard. Problem is owner
Wayne Weaver had a win now ultimatum prior to the start
of the season, and even though cutting loose Garrard
saved him $3 million, attendance is so bad that it may
not matter.

3. Todd Haley - Was my early season favorite after
getting out scored 98-10 to start 2011, but has since
salvaged a couple of wins. He's way too cocky for someone
who has accomplished absolutely nothing. I thought he
would be gone by week eight, but here he is.

4. Jim Caldwell - I actually think he's moved into a tie
for third with Haley. Yes, it's true, no Peyton Manning,
but in all fairness, if you can't win games, you aren't
that good of a coach. Owner Jim Irsay may save him,
but he should probably go.

5. Leslie Frazier - Blame Donovan McNabb all you want,
he's still the head coach, and he may prove to be one
of those guys whos best days are as a coordinator, and
nothing more. He probably gets another, but how he
finishes will be the key.

Honorable mention:
Steve Spagnuolo - 0-5, third year, I think they were
expecting more this year

Ken Whizenhunt
- Kevin Kolb, veteran team, 1-4, bad job

Lovie Smith - If they don't make the playoffs it might
just be time for a change

Tom Coughlin - 4-2 yes, but how will they finish?

Rex Ryan - Team starting to look BAD again, can that
mouth cash his check? Schottenheimer more likely to
be the sacrificial lamb here.

Thank You Al Davis !

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