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Monday, October 24, 2011

No McFadden & A Rusty Palmer Make For Disaster

Robert Beck/SI

The Raiders lost this game to the Chiefs way before
they realized it. Darren McFadden played just one
series before he sat out the rest of the game with
a sprained foot, and though many Raider fans could
and will blame Kyle Boller for this disastrous
result Sunday, the truth is, Hugh Jackson is right,
Jackson lost this game. Too much trickery, not
enough defense, and too much Kyle Boller. Boller's
only job Sunday once Jackson realized that Carson
Palmer just wasn't going to have enough time to be
ready for live action against a real NFL, should
have been to simply manage this game to a victory.
Boller and Palmer combined for 6 picks, 3 a piece,
but at least Palmer had an excuse. Down 14-0 the
Raiders showed how much Jackson was pressing by going
for it on 4th and goal on the one inch line, without
a QB on the field and failing to make it from that
same spot on 3rd down. I think that play is going
to do for Jackson the same thing going for it on 4th
down at the end of last weeks game did for him last
week, keep him up all night, and it should, but as
long as he learns fro it, the Raiders will be fine,
because Jackson is the right guy for this job, and
KC can expect a little payback if the chilly handshake
between Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley is any indication.
Last weeks end of game hand shake between Jim Harbaugh
and Jim Schwartz made plenty of headlines over how
over the top and loud it was, but this one was eerily
quiet and frigid, it spoke volumes. The Raiders
meet the Chiefs again on Christmas eve, and I cab
guarantee that the holiday spirit will definitely not
be in the air.

Thank You Al Davis !

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