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Monday, October 17, 2011

World Series Sees The Cardinals Return

This World Series birth for the St. Louis Cardinals
is eerily similar to when they won it all in 2006.
The Cardinals had no real business be in it then,
and in a way if it wasn't for the collapsing Braves,
and the under achieving Phillies, they would have
no business being in it now. This is their third
appearance in 8 years, and Tony LaRussa just keeps
finding ways to stick his foot in it. There is no
way they get away from paying Albert Pujols now.
The Rangers better pull out all the stops, this
isn't going to be easy, only Francona and Piniella
have had much luck against LaRussa teams, and they
had to make sure and sweep em to make it stick.

Thank You Al Davis !

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