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Friday, October 28, 2011

Texas Rangers Outfielders Killing Championship Hopes

AP Photo

It surprises me that so little was made over
the fact that Nelson Cruz misplayed what should
have been the final out in the ninth inning
today, and then tonight the Texas outfield once
again fails to cut off the game tying single in
the bottom of the first. Daniel Murphy has got
to cut that ball off in the gap. Right now this
could be a tie game instead of Texas trailing by
a run. Every run counts and the Cards just won't
go away, making Tony LaRussa look like the genius
he isn't. You hate to criticize a guy like Cruz
who has had such a tremendous post season at the
plate, but he could very well be the reason they
lose this series. The Rangers will look back at
this with many regrets if this series gets away
from them. Can you say Buffalo Bills?

Thank You Al Davis !

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