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Friday, October 7, 2011

NY Yankees Are Out, So What!

Ken Murray/NY Daily News

Let the questions begin for all the entitled
Yankees fans across the country: Will Jorge
Posada be a Yankee next year? NO!, he's done,
not only will he not be a Yankee, he won't be
playing anywhere. Is this what A-Rod is going
to be like going forward? YES! you wanted him,
you got him, and now the effects of enhancing
his body and performance take their toll.
Will Derek Jeter ride out into the sunset on
a winning note? Who knows, with that payroll
anything is possible. SPEND SPEND SPEND, feed
the hungru lion. How else can you justify the
over bloated ticket prices? Will Brain Cashman
still be here to fix all of this? Who gives a
rat's ass, really. Any GM in the Major now can
do as good if not better job with that type of
bankroll. Cashman deserves some credit, and yes
it's true that there are a few out the that would
royally screw it up, but I can assure you that
I wouldn't, and not many worth their salt would.

Suck it up Yankee fans, the days of Wine & Roses
are over. No Scott Brosius, No Tino Martinez,
No Paul O'Neill, and the BOSS is dead. Are the
Tigers a better team? YES!, no they don't have
better players, or more superstars, or as big a
payroll, but they are a better TEAM, and by the
way Red Sox fans, now that you've won a couple
stop feeling so f*#king entitled yourselves.

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