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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walter Payton, Mike Ditka & The Book

A few days ago Mike Ditka says he would like
to spit on Jeff Pearlman the author of the
book that entails many things about Walter
Payton that were not public knowledge prior
to the release of this book, and that shed
a very different and negative light on the
late Chicago Bears legend, and though I find
it very admirable that Ditka is sticking up
for a fellow, player and Bears legend, I
would also like to ask Ditka why he doesn't
direct his anger at the folks who provided
Pearlman with this information. Chances are
these folks are also former teammates, and
are much more deserving of criticism than
is Pearlman. In providing this information
to the author, they are the ones that betrayed
a teammate, or friend. Though he may not
agree with it, as long as the author wrote no
lies or embellished, he did no wrong, so
suck it up and redirect Mike.

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