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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ryan Leaf & Jerome Harrison: What's Wrong Here?

As I wrote in an earlier piece, Jerome Harrison was lucky
enough to find out by accident that he has a brain tumor.
Ryan Leaf happens to share this very same fate right now,
and whether or not you think he was an awful waste of
talent or just simply a douche bag, that doesn't matter.
What matters is that we should all hope he makes it ok.
I was one of those idiots that thought he should have
been picked ahead of Peyton Manning, Doh!, and as dumb
as that seems today, I still believe that had Ryan Leaf
applied himself, I wouldn't look like such a huge dummy
today, wrong maybe, but not like huge dummy. It isn't
always just about football, and I'm happy to be wrong
about his life on the field so long as I don't have to
write about this 35 year old guy who lost an even bigger
battle, one to brain cancer. Let's hope both he and
Jerome he make it, I know I do.

Thank You Al Davis !

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