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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Carson Palmer & The Raiders Stir It Up

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I wrote a piece a few months back stating how I felt
that Carson Palmer should not be rewarded for his
stance on demanding a trade, and that when a player
like Palmer signs a contract he should realize just
what that signature really means. I still feel that
way, probably always will. Unfortunately today his
demands were met, sort of. Yes he was traded, and
yes that's what he wanted, but perhaps since he
wasn't the only one rewarded, it doesn't seem like
giving in. You see, in this case Mike Brown, owner
of the Bengals, the man who didn't want to give in
to Palmer was also rewarded, and even though it's not
what he may have been angling for, at least he got
something for his aggravation, a 1st round pick in
the 2012 NFL draft, and at least a 2nd round pick
in the 2013 draft (It becomes a 1st rounder as well
if the Raiders win one playoff game). This is a
bonanza of a reward, especially since 1st round
draft picks going forward will be more affordable
according to the new CBA, and Brown is one frugal
SOB. The Bengals are 4-2, so they are no worse
off without Palmer, and he's now the Raiders to
deal with.

The Raiders get rewarded as well. Their QB just
got knocked out for a minimum of 6 weeks, and at
4-2 they don't want to waste any chance they might
have of going to the playoffs for the first time in
8 years. They did nothing wrong here, so no reason
they can't be rewarded, especially if they are
paying such a high price to get him. The Raiders
also did former boss AL Davis proud by pulling off
a deal that has "Just Win" written all over it,
and why not, isn't that the name of the game?

Getting back to Carson though, it's a shame that
he gains anything here. Players should not be
in any way rewarded for this type of behavior.
Lead by example, be a man of your word, you sign
a contract, honor it. Teach our youth a little
something, your word is everything in life,
with out it you have nothing. Don't get me wrong
as a lifelong Raiders fan, this is a good day for
me, I just don't think it's a good day morally
speaking, and that should mean something too.

Thank You Al Davis !

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