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Friday, September 30, 2011

Red Sox Collapse Conitnues, Terry Francona Out

I assure you that this isn't a knee jerk reaction
nor is it fueled by emotion. I am not a Red Sox
fan, and never have been. As a matter of fact
when the Red Sox hired Terry Francona, I was one
to criticize the hire and thought he would fail.

The move to now bring back Francona after this
recent collapse by the Red Sox is not only short
sighted, but completely irresponsible. Francona
has been at the helm for more Red Sox World Series
title than anyone in team history the last 90+
years. Exaggeration?, yes, but fact too.
This ownership group may have just created a new
curse, one that oozes of fat cat success that asks
"what have you done for me lately?" I guess that
since that Patriots have the longest championship
drought in Boston right now, and the choked away
an undefeated season by losing in the Super Bowl
Bill Belichick should hope that Robert Kraft isn't
good friends with John Henry, and more so doesn't
share his views on when to drop the axe on the
Head Coach or Manager of your team.

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