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Monday, September 26, 2011

Cowboys Ball DeAngelo Hall

After seeing DeAngelo Hall allow his man to
get open with the Cowboys facing a 3rd and
21, two things are worth mentioning, and the
first one is forget the rest of his play in
this game, even though it wasn't any good,
and secondly, that it is quite apparent why
the Falcons didn't fight very hard to keep
him and the Raiders were glad to bite the
bullet on the $8 million they had already
paid him after just eight games, not to
mention the draft choices they gave up to
get him, so long as he got the heck out of
Oakland. I'm sure Rob Ryan, his defensive
coordinator with the Raiders whispered in
Tony Romo's ear, as if he needed to, and let
Romo know how easy it was to expose the
second rate first stringer. Hall's departure
from Oakland was highlighted by the fact that
when opposite Nnamdi Asomougha, teams through
in his direction, and his direction only,
quickly stealing the nick name of former
Giant cornerback Elvis Patterson of "Toast"
he was burned for huge games so often.
DeAngelo single handedly made a star out of
Broncos rookie wide receiver Eddie Royal when
he allowed Royal to run amock at receiver in
his NFL debut. And oh yeah, by the way, when
got replaced by Chris Johnson a relative
nobody in football circles, the defensive
secondary immediately improved. Leave it to
Dan Snyder to pick that junk up from the trash.
Good thing he got the chance to defend his honor
by later ripping the coaches and the referees
after the Redskins fell to the Cowboys.

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