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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Season That Almost Was For Some In MLB

After giving their fans a little excitement both
the Mets and Pirates faded really badly late in
the 2011 season. The Mets wasted little time
in deciding whether or not they were going to be
buyers or sellers at the trade deadline this year,
but they did wait to make sure. They got off to
a 5-13 start and and at one point made all of that
up and more by going as far as 12 games over .500
to get to four games over .500 and even got some
fans excited enough to be passionate about whether
they should risk being sellers. The Pirates were
buyers for the first time in a long time by adding
some pieces that though not blockbuster were
significant enough to not make them look like the
same old selling Pirates, and a Major League farm
team for others. Unfortunately that's when things
began to crumble of them, and whether it was a
shakeup in chemistry or just a simple tumble back
to reality, Pittsburgh just couldn't avoid a 19th
consecutive losing season (A Pro Sports Record).

The Arizona Diamondbacks are trying to be this years
version of the SF Giants, and in the process are
knocking off those very same Giants, while Donnie
baseball might deserve manager of the year just for
keeping the Dodgers anywhere near .500 during a year
that was as chaotic as it was for the Dodgers soap
opera like organization.

This Cubs drought is probably the only thing that
you can say to Pirates fans to make them forget about
the last 19 years, and that's saying a lot.
The Texas Rangers can prove their for real by winning
a second straight AL West, and the Red Sox are on the
verge of making their fans temporarily forget about
their amazing comeback against the Yankees in the ALCS
when they were down 0-3 if they blow what was once an
8 game wildcard lead with 23 games to go, and is now
a three game lead with 13 to go.

The Indians gave their fans something to look forward
too in 2012, the Twins look finished an uncharacteristic
last and the White Sox proved a lot a people wrong and,
wished they hadn't. What a year, can't wait til the
Playoffs and World Series.

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Go Tigers!