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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pryor Suspension Should Stick

Whether you're a Raiders fan or not, the decision
as to whether Terrelle Pryor's 5 game ban to start
his NFL career should stick or be lifted, should
not affect your judgement. As a Raiders fan myself
it would be easy for me to say that I want him to
win his appeal, but I don't. Pryor agreed to
the ban as part of the condition for him to be
allowed to enter the NFL's supplemental draft last
month, and that alone should be enough.
For starters, learn to keep your word, but that
sounds like a lot for someone who's reason to be
in the NFL early is to get away from the very same
5 game ban, and though I understand the argument
that neither the NFL nor Roger Goodell should police
transgressions committed with his college football
team, the NFL should not serve as a safe haven for
players trying to flee punishment from crimes
committed while at school either. Terrelle Pryor
is under contract with the Raiders for the next
four years, and since he shows no signs of being as
big a flop as Jamarcus Russell these five games will
do well in helping him build some character, so his
advisers might have been better served in getting
his career off on the right path and letting this
go. Mr Goodell, help this young man by showing
him what good character is, he didn't pay too close
attention in college.

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