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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dodger or Navy Blue

(Howard Simmons/News)

With the mess the LA Dodgers have been a part
of this year, it's fair to say that no one
really expected anything from them once the
shit hit the fan, but they stilled managed
to succeed at a time when most except their
manager counted them out. Don't let me give
you the wrong idea, they're bot going to the
playoffs or anything like that, but they wont
be embarrassed either, at least not on the
field. As of this writing they are at least
at or above .500 for the season, they have
what many would consider the leader for the
NL CY Young, in Clayton Kershaw who happens
to lead the NL in wins, strikeouts, and ERA,
and they have a potential Triple Crown candidate
in Matt Kemp. They have even managed to secure
a winning record and their seemingly empty
home, Dodger Stadium.

All of this credit I give to one man, a man
who went from Navy Blue to Dodger Blue and from
Donnie Baseball to Dodger Baseball, and may have
just earned some well deserved consideration for
NL Manager of the Year. Don Mattingly may have
Joe Torre to thank for forcing the Dodgers hand
in hiring him, but the Dodgers may have to thank
Torre as well.

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