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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

But Only If You're Serious

I usually don't don't feel sorry for athletes
who are arrogant and screw themselves over,
but in this case I will say this. Tiki Barber
and his agent said this past weekend that they
were "Devasted" over the fact they did not get
one single offer from an NFL team, and Tiki has
said in the not so distant past, that he needs
football, and knows that football doesn't need
him. Well I say this to Tiki and his agent, if
you really need football, then take what you can
get. No really, take it, because if you're worth
anything on the field, they, the NFL will notice.
Jim Fassel (Tiki's former Head Coach with the NY
Giants) was one of the 1st to say that he would
welcome Tiki on his team. Fassel is now the Head
Coach and has been for the 2 Champion Las Vegas
Locomotives of the UFL since their inaugural season
in 2009. You need football Tiki? You didn't get an
offer from an NFL team Tiki? Then be serious and
take Fassel up on his offer. Though it's true that
the UFL is struggling financially, they are still
alive and still plan to play in the 2011 season,
plus this isn't about money, right? Consider it
an audition, consider it the tryout you never really
got. You need the game? Let's see how serious you
really are.

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