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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chipper Jones And Atlanta Braves Out

Break it down anyway you like, but when you have
a 10 1/2 in August and blow it with a miserable
September, even after you get the chance to play
the final three games of the season against a
team who has everything wrapped up and nothing
to play for, and you still don't the job done,
you deserve to miss the post season. You were
not good enough to begin with. Chipper Jones
was robbed on a great play by Michael Martinez
that would have put the Braves in front, but
again, if you have to rely on one play when you
blew such a gigantic lead, you don't deserve
the honor of going to the post season.

The same goes for the Red Sox, but after winning
2 titles in the last 9 years, THIS debacle is a
little easier to swallow, especially when you
consider that they got that first one in super
comeback fashion. This is a major choke job,
but there is no crying here Red Sox fans, enjoy
the Football season, and your Champion Bruins,
because you probably won't see a Celtics game
this year. Funny thing is, that this was like
double whammy for anyone who was a fan of the
Boston Braves, like a two birds with one stone
kind of irony.

1 comment:

ed@spiritssaloon said...

Fantastic night for baseball and for baseball fans. Crazy comebacks, homeruns, rain delays. Atlanta showed no heart, looked like they were waiting for the axe to fall. Boston, yea well, Baltimore beat their best closer. Tampa Bay might just be the luckeyist team in baseball. Not that they don't play well, but the breaks are all falling on thier side of the diamond. Oh yea, the Cardinals won too! Yankees might to worry this post season, as much as I am a fan, gotta love Detroit.