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Friday, September 30, 2011

Jose Reyes, John Lackey, And The Goods

So people are crying over how Jose Reyes cheaped
out on winning the NL Batting title and how Ted
Williams wouldn't have done that. Well let's
look at this shall we. Jose Reyes is no Ted
Williams, Uh Duh, No Friggin Kidding, I'm not
sure I would want would him to have his head
frozen for eternity once he passes away either.
Now I know that those two tiny points won't
satisfy the masses, but they weren't meant too,
they were just meant to state two facts, however
let me elaborate on another thing that may or may
not compare to sitting out when you have the
"goods" well in hand. How often to do you see
an NFL team nurse a lead by simply sitting on the
ball and run out the clock. They won't throw,
they won't look for big plays, nothing. Don't
think it's the same?, you're right it's not,
but they are sitting on the win, and that is.
How about the Yankees not throwing Mariano Rivera
in the last game of the season against the Rays
when Mr Automatic could have sealed the deal, but
they chose not to. They sat on it, they had
nothing to gain, neither did Jose, NOTHING.
Don't think it's the same?, you're right, but
nothing is, and he's not Ted Williams either.
I could go back an research how many other guys
have done this, and I assure you I would find
a treasure trove, but it's just NOT worth it.
Believe what you want to believe, most of you
do regardless of what I write, and would continue
to even if in your own minds where convinced
beyond a shadow of a doubt that I might have a
point. The truth is that I don't agree with him
sitting it out, but I hate that teams run out the
clock at the end of games too, even in the biggest
of games, and the Super Bowl.

As for John Lackey, I don't give a rats ass about
his text messages, his possible divorce, or
whether he is media savvy or not. Truth is he
is robbing the Red Sox blind with his 26-23
record so far into his contract and his above 6
ERA, so why not let his wife rob him in the same
way? You think he might actually find a way to
pitch well in a big spot before they ship his
arse out of town?

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