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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick hits

Roy Halladay may have thrown a no-hitter in
his first post season appearance but the fact
is his record stands at 1-1 with a human 2.25
era in two career post season starts. YES, I
will certainly take it any day of the week,
BUT not if I had to trade Cliff Lee to get it.
As of right now Cliff Lee is a super human 7-0
in the post season with a beauty of an era
that fell to 1.37 in 8 post season starts.
PS I said this prior to this post season,
and when the trade was made to begin with.

Mike Singletary is NOT Head Coach material,
neither are Norv Turner or Wade Phillips for
that matter. They do make good coordinators
though, well at least Phillips and Turner do.

Dallas will still make the Playoffs,
Minnesota may not though.
San Diego wont come back from this
early season flop, and if they do it's only
because they play in a very weak AFC West.

Green Bay---Atlanta---Chicago---Houston

Stay Tuned

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